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Hey, I am just back from a trip to Budapest and really loved it. It was my first time in eastern Europe on my own and I'm dying to go back for some more. Budapest had a great mix of history, things to do and nightlife which was perfect for a quick two night break.

Just wondering can anyone recommend any other cities in eastern Europe that are a must see??

I am looking preferably for one of the destinations provided by Ryanair, must have good transport links to/from airport and have enough things to do to keep me busy for two days, not just a good nightlife! Note : I'm on a tight budget!

I've been to Prague years ago so not looking to go back there but I am open to your suggestions!!!



Krakow, a beautiful city, loved it there. Was there for 4 days. Nice people and loads to do. Was there in October, cold with little snow but plesent. I would perfer it during the winter than summer. Not expensive at all.

Vilnus and Riga going to both over the next few months and know people who have being there and they loved it.

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Cool I was just gonna ask specifically about Krakow! Think I will look into that as my next destination. Any stand out recommendations to see/do there or even better anything you'd advise against?


Still open to other suggestions folks! Anyone been to Wroclaw??

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I've been to both, Wroclaw is a bit of a student town. Plenty of great nightlife and nice place but Krakow is nicer to walk around during the day. I'd go back to both but would pick Krakow over Wroclaw.

Other parts of czech republic might be nice to go to if the flights are cheap. Cesky Krumlov for example

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Cheers for the info!

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