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The deal has been up on HUKD for the past hour or so not sure why no-one has posted it here yet, for those who don't check it regularly. Basically you get £5 voucher code to spend on ebay using CUKFB1, no minimum spend, just put in an order there and it worked no problems. Details on the link below

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downwithpeace Registered User

This voucher is redeemable on by UK residents of 18 years of age or older.You may be required to register on in order to use the voucher.

UK Residents only but still handy for some.

lindtee Registered User

downwithpeace said:
UK Residents only but still handy for some.

I'm not a UK resident and it worked fine!

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mrswalton Registered User

Just logged on to post it here Lindtee, you beat me to it.

It worked for me.

I searched for Buy it now, free p and p, and items up to £5. Confirmed the transaction and when your invoice comes up you get a promo code box.
Enter CUKFB1 and £5 comes off your price.

Offer only available for the first 50,000

/\/ollog Registered User

Worked, thanks.
Only works once though.

mad m Registered User

Brilliant, got goggles from USA and got 7+ Dollars off....Thanks OP...

Cherry_Cola Registered User

Excellent, 800 MS points for just over 2 quid!

lindtee Registered User

I was very boring and bought some bhut jolokia chilli seeds (and a few other seeds) that I had on my watch list for ages!

Hunter Mahan Registered User

Brilliant thanks..

Agent Smith Did you enjoy the fuhrer's birthday?

Worked for me, Just make sure you login to


woo hoo! thanks OP, just got a free cat toy laser thingy, a quid postage.

GreenWolfe Registered User

Nice one OP, got a spare phone charger!

nerrad1983 Registered User

Happy days

Always good when ya get a freebie

enfant terrible Registered User

Is there a way to list things costing £5 on ebay?

concubar Registered User

Thanks Op,

got myself an ipod dock reduced to 1.94

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