martin g Registered User

I have signed up for the chrome sync so that any computer i sign into syncs my bookmarks at home to the chrome page i sign into with Gmail. I dont want this to happen every time i sign into Gmail on any computer, is there any way of stopping this happening ?

fionny Registered User

You have to set up Sync seperatley as far as I knew? I certainly do.

martin g Registered User

I did set up sync separately but every time i sign into my gmail it syncs automatically


I tried Chrome sync but it's too lacking in features, like incremental backup or profiles etc. Before Chrome sync came about I was always using Lastpass and Xmarks (now both owned by Lastpass) as they offer more features much better customisation and work across browsers, IE, Firefox and Safari and even on other platforms, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android. They even offer what you're asking, manual sync only.

I've set selective sync on Chrome and disabled bookmarks and passwords and use these other services, Lastpass and Xmarks. Chrome syncs all my extensions, settings and themes.

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