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Spoilers (taken from the Charter/FAQs)

Spoiler tags are used hide commentary about race results from boardsies who haven't watched a race live and are waiting to catch up later in the day. If you don't know what a spoiler tag is, find out. If you break the rules on spoilers, expect severe punishment. We wait all year to follow the big races so don't ruin it by being thoughtless.

  • For non-stage-specific threads about stage races (e.g. "TdF 2011"), use spoiler tags until midnight.
  • For one-day races, expect threads to contain spoilers once the race has begun. Please endevour to use spoiler warnings in the thread title.
  • IIn threads about specific stages of stage races ("Paris-Nice 2010 Stage 3") or one day races don't use spoiler tags. If you haven't seen the race, don't open the thread. Don't put any information about the result, either with or without spoiler tags in the first post, since the mouse-over feature doesn't work on spoiler tags.
  • Don't post anything which even hints at a same-day race result in a non-stage or race specific thread before midnight. For instance: re-opening the Jens Voight thread with a link to Paris-Nice results, or creating a thread named "Vuelta stage win reported on RTE *Spoilers ahead*" which hints that an Irish rider has won.
  • If you follow the above rules, there is no need to create "contains spoilers" type threads. This is ambiguous since one person's spoiler is another persons spoiler tag.

On this last point, I have started including in thread titles "warning, contains unmasked spoiler information" to make it clear that opening the thread will reveal spoiler information.


Boards rules prohibit links to streaming

Any questions, PM the mods

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Tomorrow sees the commencement of the Tour de France and the forum gets busier than normal. I hope that we have three weeks as exciting as last years tour. I would also hope that those of you less familiar with cycling also use the forum to enhance your enjoyment of the tour, particularly as we have two Irish riders this year. Please ask as many questions as you like, no matter how basic you feel it is, the posters here are very helpful and friendly. I would like to remind posters, especially those that are not familiar with the cycling forum about spoilers so please take note of the above post by Beasty.

Please use spoilers except in the stage specific threads. Preferably don't post anything that needs spoilers outside of the stage specific threads.

Please don't start threads on completely random stuff like somebody's helmet hair, keep them in the TdF threads. Also don't start threads if there's an Irish win on the same day as people want to see the highlights in the evening. Also don't start posts on things like really bad crash in today's stage. Generally during the tour, a thread will only last a few hours on the front page as opposed to around a day during normal times.

I would ask posters more than ever to report posts, especially spam as there's generally too much to go through.

Unless you've read it from a reputable source, not twitter, facebook or other discussion forums, don't comment on doping.

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Unstickied (but that doesn't mean the rules will not still be applied, just there is not much televised racing on for a while)

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