Corklassy Registered User

Just wondering because im going on a j1

Aodan83 Registered User

Normally it's around the start to middle of August, I think.

IHeartChemistry Registered User

All repeat exams happen at the middle/end of August.

confusticated Registered User

Last fortnight in August. You can get insurance for a j1 visa in case you need to come home to repeat. Hope it doesn't come to it for you though!

Amuls Registered User

Anybody have the exact dates?

IHeartChemistry Registered User

It's March, we barely have the dates for our Summer exams

But as for the dates, they won't be released until June or July. I presume they'll be from the 20th of August until the 31st of August 2012. They were around then last year anyways.

confusticated Registered User

You wouldn't get the date of your actual exam til about the end of July. They can't make out the timetable until they know what exams people failed and how many are retaking them.

Arabella Registered User

They begin on August 13th. They usually go on for about two weeks as far as I remember.

Corklassy Registered User

Anyone know when the dates of the summer exams results are announced for 2nd yr arts?

confusticated Registered User

Depends on what you're doing (Psychology, European Studies, Languages and Cultural Studies etc.), they're all there though.

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