C3PO Registered User

Probably not strictly speaking a cycling question but does anybody know where I can buy 2032 disc batteries in Dublin at a reasonable price? I use them in my heart rate strap and in a couple of rear lights! I can get them in Halfords but they are ridiculously expensive!

deandean Registered User

About 3 euro each in a chemist


Buy 20 for 3 Euro! I get them from DX, they are AOK.


jimm Registered User

Argos......Panasonic 6 x 2032 Lithium Batteries €8.99


Beasty Administrator

They are the most common of that type of battery, and most electrical retailers have them. I've picked them up at DID and Boots - can't remember them being particularly expensive at either

Argos have them for €8.99 for 6

EDIT - but jimm beat me to it ...

Keep_Her_Lit Registered User

Pretty good value also available from 7dayshop, at £2.39 for 10. That's where I get mine.


C3PO Registered User

Great thanks guys! I think they're about a fiver each in Halfords!

couerdelion Registered User

€2 shop usually have a selection of batteries (about 20) on a card for €2. The one on abbey St does anyway.

rflynnr Registered User

Ikea sell them in packs of 8 for €3.04: http://www.ikea.com/ie/en/catalog/products/60207130/

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kenmc Registered User

I'd second the dealextreme option, only downside is that shipping is a bit slow. I've got a pack of them (use them for my HRM, cadence sensor, some knog lights) about 2 years ago and am only half way through them.

Dermot Illogical Registered User

Any of the euro shops should have them. I get mine in the ones on Camden St in Dublin. They're very cheap.

endacl Registered User

Hardware shops. My local shop in phibsboro sells them for a euro each.

C3PO Registered User

Went for the Argus option (handiest to get to!). Many thanks for all the suggestions!

Redjeep! Registered User

I bought a card of 10 of them in my local Euro2 store. I've had the current battery in my heart strap about a year now, so they're no worse than the ones you'd buy in Halfords.

Going at this rate, my athletics career will probably be well finished long before I use the last one

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