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I've been looking for a simple solo strings set for Kontakt. I've found a few, but none are entirely what I want. They all either play a full orchestra instead of just one instrument, or have something put on them to affect the sound. I just want a clean violin and cello pack. Any recommendations?

krd Banned

I don't have Kontakt.......What does the orchestra sound like?

A good fake orchestra, or is it just a few sythy strings?

Bipolar Joe Registered User

The one I have is CineOrch. Very good, but like I said, plays a full string orchestra which is a pain sometimes. Kontakt is a sample player, CineOrch are recordings of an orchestra.

hubiedubie Registered User

Depending on budget try one of the following:

Kirk Hunter Solo Strings 1 (€99 but you may be able to purchase the instruments individually):

LA Scoring Strings First Chair (incredibly realistic but more expensive):

Alternatively Garritan may have a few included:

Kontakt may have some in the bundled library also.

Bipolar Joe Registered User

Yeah, the bundled ones are terrible. Thanks for the links!

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