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I know that's a 99 but it makes me think of something thirty less.

Princess Peach Registered User

Choc ice is a fancy name for frozen cow juice

Shiminay Moderator

I got 99 problems but an ice cream ain't one.

If someone put a Vienetta on a stick and sold it like that, I'd be happy. My housemate and I when I lived in Galway, would go to the squash courts for 90 mins and run ourselves ragged and then get take away and a Mint CockChoc Vienetta and cut it in half and devour it. Good times....


I don't like mint ice cream, just saying in case anyone wants to buy me ice cream.


Nobody does.

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The problem is that they (the lizard people) put mint in everything. Top tip is to switch to Euthymol toothpaste. If you do that you'll begin to appreciate mint in food anew.


Sarky said:
Nobody does.

Play nice or don't play at all.

I will share with you.


Silly, hondasam. You're not doing enough of it.

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Tastes waaay better than that stuff from last night. Thanks, HondaHead.


I give up.

FTGFOP Registered User

What's wrong SamHead? Never give up. Keep chasing that rainbow, even at night.


Especially at night!


honda honda, wherefore art thou blonda


Nothing is up with me btw.

Bom was it you who called me Honda Blonda?

Princess Peach Registered User

My favourite ice cream is preperation h

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