brendansmith Registered User


I cant get onto from my home computer.
It keeps telling me that the website is not encryped.
Is there a fast fix for this?

Spear Moderator

This sounds like a browser issue, not a one.

Which browser is it, and can you post a screenshot of it?

brendansmith Registered User

Sorry chrome allows it through.
Think ill give up on firefox.

Spear Moderator

I suspected as such, a Google search shows lots of occurrences of this going back some time, but with no clear fix. Just vague suggestions of starting a new profile, or removing plugins/themes.

If you want I can move this to the Comp+Tech forums to get the browser issue fixed.

Black Swan Category Moderator

brendansmith said:

Think ill give up on firefox.
I've used FF for years without any significant boards access problems from all sorts of venues; e.g., broadband, DSL, wifi hotspots, etc. Now using FF10.0. I really doubt it's a problem with boards. It may pertain to your configuration.

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