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Can anyone tell me how to connect my laptop to my tv so that I can watch streamed videos on it?? What kind of cable would I need?

My computer has several usb ports and a 15-pin VGA video connector ( its a dell inspiron 1545), and my tv is quite new so it has lots of connection sockets at the back (usb, hdmi, scart etc)

Any help would be appreciated!

cnocbui Registered User

Some TV's have a special input socket for PC's. If yours has the matching socket, something like this would simplify the job:

If the TV has Component inputs - Red Green Blue RCA sockets for video paired with red and white for audio - you can get these two cables:

and this for sound:

johneire31 Registered User

Simplest solution is to buy a HDMI cable and connect it to your laptop port and put it into the main HDMI port on your TV. You then have to look at your computer direct the signal from the computer out. You may have a button on the laptop perhaps one of the F keys that will give you one of 3 choices. display on laptop, display on projector, display on laptop and projector. You need one of the latter 2 choices. you will have to press the HDMI button on your tv or sometimes its called the Source botton, select the HDMI option and you should be there.

Its a lot easier to do than it is to describe it


cnocbui Registered User

Simplest solution if you don't need sound.

johneire31 Registered User

HDMI delivers sound

VGA no sound

Its that simple


cnocbui Registered User

You are quite correct, but that laptop doesn't have hdmi output.

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All TV's that have a VGA input also have a PC sound input. It's usually a 3.5mm headphone type connector.

To get Picture and sound you need two leads, one for video, one for sound.

Note when you select "PC" from inputs using the remote control, it then uses the sound coming in the special connector on the TV. This should be connected to the laptops headphone output (sometimes on the front of the laptop) or ideally the "line output" on a sound card on a desktop PC.

To connect you usually need a 3.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo lead, the same length as the VGA lead.

Also not you may need to adjuse the display properties on the laptop (say 640 x 480) in order for it to work, and enable external display (usually Fn plus F4 at the same time)

A HDMI is neater, but few laptops have it.

shortlegs Registered User

Same question as OP, but how can this be done wirelessly?


zg3409 Registered User

A HDMI wireless sender is about 200 to 300 euro. If you laptop only has VGA an adapter is about 50 euro and you will need a VGA and an audio lead.

shortlegs Registered User

what about using a router?

zg3409 Registered User

shortlegs said:
what about using a router?

A router does not have a HDMI output. In theory there is other ways, but the way I said will work for everything that displays on a PC.

In theory you could add some sort of special streaming wireless receiver on the TV, then stream the video and sound from the PC.

It could end up very complicated. The HDMI wireless sender is designed to do what you want. No software setup, no messing.

shortlegs Registered User

ok thanks for that

Bruthal Registered User

I did it using the VGA setup. I hard wired 2 cat 5 cables (one for audio, one for video) inside the walls, and soldered onto the VGA sockets which i fitted to blank wall plates, one behind the tv, the other over at the couch.

The lead in the first link in post #2 is the way to go for a laptop without a HDMI lead. I made them leads up myself also, but its easier to just buy them. The one linked in post#2 has the audio lead integrated into it to connect from the headphone socket on the notebook into the audio in, beside the VGA socket on the tv.

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