My Shimano Ultegra front brakes are stiff with no re-spring. I initially thought it might be the cables, so changed and lubed both inner and outer cables but no luck.

So now when pressed, they remain touching the rim. The brakes and bike are 2.5 years (About 15,000 km). Is this fixable or is this the normal lifespan of brakes?


cdaly_ Registered User

First thing I'd do is wash the caliper pivots with WD40 while working the calipers in and out (take the wheels off for this). That should be enough to free them up. Then lubricate generously at the same pivot points. If you're any way mechanically inclined, you could consider dismantling, cleaning, lubing and reassembling. The pivot bolts should be tight enough to prevent rattle but not so tight as to prevent free rotation.

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cdaly_, that's worked a charm. Thanks for the advice. I can't believe it never dawned on me to lube the calipers. Next time I'll wash and fully disassemble like you said.

What's the best lube to use? At the moment I just put Finish Line dry.


cdaly_ Registered User

I use the same lube as I'm using on the chain. Finish Line wet at the mo...

Pablo Rubio Registered User

Having the same problem with my rear caliper as well. Stripped & cleaned it lubed it and it was bang on a few weeks ago. Washed my bike yesterday and forgot to lube it and it seized again today. Quick squirt of wet lube and a wipe off sorted it out.

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