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Current measurements

Height: 183cm, 6 foot
Weight: 82kg, 180lbs (us)

Neck: 42cm, 16.5inches
Shoulders 126cm, 49.5inches
Chest: 106cm, 42inches
Arms: 38cm, 15inches
Waist: 77cm, 30inches
Hips: 96cm, 38inches
Thigh 57cm, 22.5inches
Calf 37cm, 14.5inches

Inside leg: 81cm
Shoe: 10

Body fat: 10%-5%

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How I got started bodybuilding/working out

I hit the gym with my friends when I turned 16 to put on weight because I was unhappy with how thin I was. I played a lot of sport as a kid, swimming, soccer, football, athletics etc. but I always felt thin, basically because my father and younger brother are naturally MASSIVE!! My younger bro at 18 was 6’2’’ and approx. 100kg (220lbs) without lifting a single weight! And trust me there wasn’t that much fat on him. I, the older brother, felt weak and uncomfortable in my body because of him. So I picked up them ****ing weights and did something about it!

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Why I love bodybuilding/working out

The main reason for my passion for bodybuilding or fitness is my obsession with personal growth. Continuously seeing my body develop and get stronger is a huge self-esteem booster for me and the lowest points in my life have been when all that hard work has been taken away by illness. We all know it is great for stress relief and it helps a whole lot with sport, which is great, but for me it is so much more than that. It is a continues endeavour to better oneself. I am not competing against you or him or her, I can competing against myself, pushing myself, testing myself to see what I, am made of!

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Age: 22
From: Limerick
Studying: Physiotherapy

Sporting history:
Played football hurling, soccer, swimming etc when in was young.
I went on to focus on football and track and field in secondary school, that then changed to rugby in my final years in school.
I played a small bit of rugby after that but eventually went back to playing football.
Throughout my years in secondary school I would workout a lot by myself almost as a meditative thing, not necessarily for sport. I found the gym and a set of dumbbells at 16 and have been hooked since.

I'm currently playing senior club football.

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This is an entry into an older log I so I just copied it in there to give you an idea of some of my training regimens
May 5, 2011
, 5:06AM

At the moment i am doing 3-4 sessions a week in the gym lifting heavy and 2-3 sessions a week on the field at football training which is always intense cardio and 1 more cardio sessions myself.

I was previously doing isolated training at the gym. Day 1: Chest back, Day 2: Legs Day 3: shoulders and arms. However the leg day basically rendered me immobile if i had any football training in the next couple of days so i had to change it up.

Now im doing full body session ever day. Its basically doin as follows: Starting with a compound exercise and moving down to issolated exercises. what i decide to go on the day is based on what i did the last day, how my muscles are feeling and my football training schedual. For example i will never do the same exercises on two consecutive days and i will avoid heavy leg workouts if i have a match in the coming days.

An example:
Day 1: Cleans 4x8 (75kg),

Shoulder press 3x8 (50kg),

Dumbbell press 3x8 (37.5kg) (SS with) Dumbbell row 3x8 (46kg),

Bicep curls, Tricep pulldowns.

Finish up with core (hanging leg extensions).

Normally would work hamstrings and quads on a machine but i had training the following day.

Day 2: On field Training, heavy intense cardio.

GYM: Incline shoulder press 3x8 (35kg),

Lat pulldown 3x8 (175lbs) {change between close grip and wide grip every few weeks} (SS) machine barbell rows 3x6 (30kg),

Front Lat Pos dumbell raises (Delts) 3x8 (12, 10kg),

Hammer curls 3x8 (20kg) Core

Day 3: Deadlift, Leg press, Dips (SS) Shrugs, 21s (SS) Skull crushes (SS) Close grip press Core Day 4: At home Workout with boxing bag Core work and Body weight exercises.

On a rest day ill normally do light cardio, pool session or kick around

I will swap in and out between daelift, squat, cleans etc. At the moment im finding that deep squats 3x8 (110kg) may be stiffening my hips (tendonosis in my quad/bursa)which isnt helping with football training. Stretching helps. Might do a different form of squat or not go as low.

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Current Training Program

I work off a 4 day split

Day 1 Bench

Warm up with bar,
Bench 3 sets of power lifting. So i will do something like 70% 1RM x 3, 80% 1RM x 3, 90% 1RM for as many the first two are a build up to the last set where I try set a new PB.

Bench 5 sets 10 reps. Striping. strict 60-90 sec rest.

Wide Grip Pull Ups supersetted with Dips

Decline Dumbell Flys into Press 3x10 (I do as many flys as possible then squeeze out some presses)

Dumbell Curls 3x10 (On 45degree bench)

Day 2: Deadlift

Warm up with bar and light weight,
Deadlift 3 sets of power lifting. So i will do something like 70% 1RM x 3, 80% 1RM x 3, 90% 1RM for as many the first two are a build up to the last set where I try set a new PB.

Deadlift 5 sets 10 reps. Striping. strict 60-90 sec rest.

Glute Ham Raises 3x10-15

Pullovers 2x10 (on flat bench to tire out lats for next exercise)

Narrow Grip Pull Ups 3x10

EZ bar curls 3x10 with pronated (palms down) grip. this focuses on the forearms and helps improve rip strength

Day 3: Military Press

Warm up with bar,
Military press 3 sets of power lifting. So i will do something like 70% 1RM x 3, 80% 1RM x 3, 90% 1RM for as many the first two are a build up to the last set where I try set a new PB.

Military Press 5 sets 10 reps. Striping. strict 60-90 sec rest.

Shrugs supersetted with Rear Delt Raises 3x10 (NB focusing on the rear delts and TRAPS)

Raises 3x10 (in scapular plane, in between lat and front raises)

Barbell Curls 3x10 or Tricep pulldowns 3x10

Day 4: Squat

Warm up with bar and light weight,
Squat 3 sets of power lifting. So i will do something like 70% 1RM x 3, 80% 1RM x 3, 90% 1RM for as many the first two are a build up to the last set where I try set a new PB.

Squat 5 sets 10 reps. Striping. strict 60-90 sec rest.

Leg press 5x10. (Alternate medium and high foot placement)

Lunges 3x10

Calf Raises 3x10

I currently have a tendonsis problem in one of my hip flexors (sartorious or rec fem, possibly a bursa or tendonosis in iliopsoas) so i have to change up my squat day and eliminate deep hip flexion. So now it looks more like
Hack Squat 5x10
Leg Curls superseted with Leg Extensions 3x10 (leg extensions are done eccentrically due to tendinosis)
Calf Raises 3x10
Lateral Leg raises (targeting glute med)

Approximate predicted 1 RM
Bench: 110KG
Deadlift: 180KG
Military Press: 75Kg
Squat: 170Kg

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Colm Moran Registered User

Gym attire

Any handy pair if shorts, usually ones with pockets
Any old t shirt or jersey
iPod and headphones

No belt
No straps
No running shoes

All belts and straps do is support weak muscle areas. If you wear a belt and wrist straps all the time you are essentially taking your wrists and lower back out of the equation. There purpose is to prevent injury and help with your lift. However by taking the strain off these areas you are not training them to get stronger. The only time you should use wrist straps is when your grip gives out before your motion i.e.. Deadlift. if this does happen you know you need to train your grip strength!

Running shoes provide a lot of padding. So imagine you are trying to produce a lot of force in a lift, like a squat, or jump as high as you can. Would you jump higher standing on a concrete floor or standing on a bouncy castle? You see the cushioning of the shoe absorbes some of the force you produce thus lowering the weight you can lift. Also because you are so cushioned you are more likly to roll over on your ankle, this is bad. I don't own a pair of running shoes. I run in my cons!

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Just out of the gym. Leg day.

I'm avoiding deep hip flexion due to injury.

Hack squat. 90x5, 110x5, 130x 3
110x10, 110x 10, 110x10, 100x10, 90x 14

Leg extensions (64lbs)with leg curls (145lbs)
3 sets 10-12 reps

Standing lunges 3x10 each leg with 12kg DBs in each hand

Calf raises. Warm up
210lbs 3sets 12reps

Glute ham raises
3 sets 15 reps, start with 10kg in hand then drop it to do mire reps

Stretching at the end
30secs twice on each muscle group
And lateral footraises (glute min) with groin sretch

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Football training tonight,

We are focusing on conditioning at this stage so we did a lot of sprints.
The session started with stretching and a thorough warm up
followed by a lot of sprints.
Hand passing drills and kicking drills followed.
We then played a bit of a match and
finished off with more sprints.
Some core work, planking, was done before the final stretch.

Got a rub before and after training which helped a bit. Legs were heavy after leg day yesterday but not as bad as I thought they would be. Chest was burning. I haven't done too much cardio in the last 2 weeks because I'm trying to rest my hip. My concentration was good. Chest day tomorrow.

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I did this yesterday.

Warm up; Bar, 50kgx5
Power set: 77.5kgx5, 87.5kgx3, 97.5kgx2
Hypertrophy set: 77.5x10, 70x10, 65x10, 60x14, 60x12 all with a strict 1 minute break; i ended up taking about 3 mins off before my first 60kg lift hence 14 reps.

wide grip pull ups; 15xbw, 10xbw, 8xbw
superseted with
dips; 15xbw, 10xbw, 8xbw. all to fail with little to no rest between

decline dumbell flys into presses; 14kgx10 flys + 8 presses, 14x10flys + 6 presses, 14kgx8 flys + 4 presses.
Superseted with
dumbell curls; 14kgx 10, 14kgx10, 14kgx6 dropped to 8kgx6 db curls are done on an incline bench at 45degs, get a good squeeze at the top bringing your pinkie to the outside of your shoulder, no swinging.

1 hour in the gym

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1. Porridge/Oatmeal...

Mornings, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for as long as i can remember. Ill have about 120g with a pile of honey for some extra cals.

2. Chicken Stir Fry/Curry and RICE!

I will cook 700g of basmatti rice in the morning and have it all eaten by the end of the day.Ill cook a bit stir fry with loads of veg and 10 small chicken breasts. This usually lasts 2 days.

3. Potatoes and Steak/Roast Chicken dinner

Potatoes are a mix or sweet potatoes and good all irish potatoes. Ill have lots of carrots and broccoli with this. We like to juice the carrots and add it to the gravy, its a nice tasty trick

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Had a match today. We last by a point. 2-15 to 2-14. Played the last 20-25 mins. Hip only niggled a bit so it seems well rested. Did about an hour of stretching last night. Stretched eery muscle group for 30 secs twice then repeated it about an hour later. One thing I need to work on is my lactic acid recycling. So I might do all out sprints with 30-60 secs rest in between. This will build up lactic acid In my legs and as a result my body will become better at recycling/oxidizing the lactic acid. Ankle strength for turning might need to be looked at as well.

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I did this yesterday after the march.

I had 50g of glucose in the 2 hours after the match, i had another 50g of glucose spread between pre, during and post workout. I went to the gym about 5 hours after the game, this gave me time to get some meals in.

Warm up 60kg, 90kg.
Working set: 130kgx5, 145kgx3, 160kgx2.
I found that my grip strength was seriously lacking here especially on the 160. This is something I need to address with wraps, grip type or strengthening. I used a reverse bucket handle grip. I changed this to a reverse crush grip for the hypertrophy set and found I helpful.
Hypertrophy set: 130x10, 120x10, 110x8, 90x10,
I only did 4 set of hypertrophy because I found my firm was breaking and I was putting too much pressure in my lower back. Fatigue played a big part in firm breakdown.

Barbell row: 60kgx14, 60kgx14, 60kgx12

Pull ups underhand 15xbw, 10xbw, 6xbw
Superseded with
Db row 35kgx10, 25kgx10, 18kgx10 (db is pulled back to the hip, lats)

Machine row
3sets of 10-14.
Done to failure. I can't remember the weight I used
NB use the horizontal grip and keep the elbows high. His focuses on the mid traps and avoids the lats. Focus on a squeeze at the top and the weight u use become les important.

Tricep rope pulldowns
3sets of 10-14
Done to failure. Content remember the weight ere either. I did on drop set after on 10lbs. Pull the rope down and out to the hips to focus on the lateral head of triceps, this is a muscle I want to develop.
Drop set straight after 3rd set.

1 hour in the gym. 60sec rest between sets.

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Shoulders and arms today.

Military press:
warm up with bar
power set: 50x5, 57.5x3, 65x4 (3 min break in between to allow creatine phosphate 'recharging')
hypertrophy set: 55x10, 50x10, 45x10, 40x10, 40x8 (60 sec break)

Dips: 10-12reps 3 sets
Superseted with
rear delt flys: 10-12reps 3 sets 14kg, (squeeze the middle traps at the top keeping arms perpendicular to the trunk )

Smith machine shrugs. 20 kg each side, 3x10.

EZ bar curls 42.5kg 3x10
superseted with
EZ bar Tricep pullovers 42.5kg 3x10
The EZ bar weighs 12.5kg. The last few reps on the curls are done with some facilitation via body rocking at the bottom, but nothing rediculous.

Curls at top of range, 1 set of 6 reps.
isometric, forget there name.

reverse grip (pronated) barbell curls 3x12-16. Focusing on hitting the forearms

warm up
12 mins intense crosstrainer
30 sec on, 30 sec off.
warm down on the way out of the gym.
CAraio was supposed to be 20 mins but the gymn was closing so they kicked us out. Just as well cos we were dying!

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