Hey all - I have Sony HD HDR CX570 that I need to do a small film project on. I am confused by the 4 settings for recording quality, 2 of which are FH (17M AVC HD) and FX (highest quality AVC HD 24M).

Reason would say film in the highest but from the little I can find online it says that you can't make AVCHD discs with FX.

All I need to do is burn the project to DVD eventually, at the same high quality as I recorded it. Being honest I can't see any difference between FX and FH played back on a computer. Would I make life easier for myself by recording in FH?

Many thanks

edit: another consideration would be the time it would take to edit - if I pick FX will it take much longer to process and work with in Final Cut Pro/ Premiere elements etc.?

Fionn Registered User

i've been pondering this for a while and still haven't got my head around it!!!

take a look at this site DVInfo.net has some discussion on the subject.

TommyGun Registered User

I would always use the highest quality. The 24 setting will give you a bit more to play with when editing eg. Colour correction etc. and the footage will not break up in stressfull conditions for the codec eg a flag blowing in the wind.


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