Miklos Registered User

Anybody nab any bargains? I went in on my lunch break today, wasn't much left! Heaps of Fenders went out the door seemingly, and a nice old school Ampeg 1x15 cab I wouldn't have minded getting..

Saw people queuing up outside at close of business the day before it too! Insane!

Squidgy Black Registered User

Had to try my absolute best to keep myself away from this, absolutely feck all money but I would've loved a new cab.

The prices weren't the best IMO, considering the fact most of the stuff was b-stock or used. They were roughly in and around the used prices on adverts and stuff. Not worth the queuing anyways. Some lad was there since 4 the previous afternoon apparently.

wild turkey Registered User

Didnt get a chance to get in today, feckall money anyhow but would have bought a spidervalve for €99. The V30 speaker is nearly that new

saffron22 Registered User

Cleaned it up when i got home and looks perfect. Sounds amazing. Cleans are great on it and breaks up nicely

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goblin59 Registered User

i grabbed all the power slinkie string sets off the walls (9 packs)
Got them for 40quid

Royale with Cheese Registered User

Went in at 4 and there was fúck all left. American Deluxe Jazz basses for €1200 which might have interested me if I was feeling flush... but I wasn't. Might have been in the market for a cut price P-Bass but considering they were looking for €900 for an Americal Special I don't think I missed anything good.

roast Registered User

Popped in there myself on Saturday too.
Was specifically looking for a new Firewire interface, the Vintage Modified Jazz V, and the HotHand envelope filter. None of the J-Basses were there, the Hothand was the same as RRP, and so were the firewire interfaces I saw. Shame.
My drummer picked up a new hardware case though. 99€ as opposed to 199€ new. Not bad.

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