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MichealKenny said:
Hi lads, just wanted to update you(sorry for the bump), anyway, I sent in all the details to the gardai about a month ago, gave them as much details as I possibly could, they said they would call back but they never did, all in all, a lesson learned, never use adverts unless you can verify the users address/phone number, I can only say I am disappointed with the results.
This has more to do with the inaction of the Gardai than with

If you have been scammed or conned by someone and have reported the matter and nothing has been done then you really need to take the matter up with the Gardai. Write a letter to the Superintendent and ask why you have not been contacted and request an update on your complaint.

Sadly it appears that the Gardai are back to their usual pre Morris Tribunal ways.

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Think it is sad that there are people like that on but for that really small number of dodgy people on there is a whole lot of reputable people selling goods. It is a whole lot easier way to sell stuff than the likes of Buy and Sell, eBay etc. Postal orders transfers cheques etc. Never use that method and be wary of any seller asking for these methods. Probably best to meet in person and pay in cash or pay via pay pal with a credit card that way you have a bit of protection. Risks with all buying/selling don't let one bad experience put you off the whole site.

I used this week to give away stuff for free i didn't want. It worked great. Least someone else can now get some pleasure out of an item i would have just skipped.

If i was you i would complain to the superintendent about it other avenues you can go down if it aint resolved by this.

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I got conned by a chap on adverts its been 2months less to a year now and no word from the guards or Eddie if he was caught.

Never will i use adverts to buy something very expensive. Eddie Verified representative

freeze4real said:
I got conned by a chap on adverts its been 2months less to a year now and no word from the guards or Eddie if he was caught.

When the Gardai ask us for information, as long as we get it through the proper channels and it is in the correct format with regards to the Data Protection Act, we give them everything we have. Then it becomes a Garda investigation and as such they don't tell me what the are doing. When they have something they contact you directly.

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