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Well I'm playing fallout nw on my ps3 (60GB) and its crashing every 5 min when i play fallout but its grand when i play mw3 or something else any help ??


Is the disc smudged or scratched?

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noooo it's grand if anything it look like new


Have you downloaded the latest patches and stuff?

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ye everything is up to date


Haven't got a clue then Maybe go back the shop you bought it from and exchange the disc?

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its not the disc it's the ps3 because i have a ps3 slim too and it works grand on that soooo ye **** :/


Sounds like you'll have to get the PS3 looked at then.


Fallout New Vegas is notoriously ****ty like that. I remember having similar problems with Oblivion:GOTY on PS3.


Try deleting the game data. That solved a similar problem for me before.


Don't delete any data..back your data up first.. after time the lazer lens gets fogged down with dust and junk and if you smoke then that gets on the lens or lenses and can cause glitches and creates a filament over the lens .

if the ps3 is out of warranty then take it apart but if it is still in warranty send it back "youtube can guide you in doing a disassemble ". and be very careful while taking off the top of the ps3 as there are small ribbon cables going to the power button, just be gentle. once the top is off get a cotton bud and only use pure alcohol like vodka and dip the bud in and make sure the bud is not soaking, you just want it slightly wet and rub the bud over the lazer lens/lenses in a counter-clockwise action 5/6 times and that's it.

but if you still have the problem after this then your hard disk drive needs a good format. i have fixed a fare few of the ps3's and the most common problem is the lazer, a clean always fixes it.


Try running a file system repair maybe. Or database rebuild... Or both. You won't loose any data.


A lot of these solutions probably won't fix much. It's more of a New Vegas problem than anything else

http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout%3a_New_Vegas_bugs (CTRL-F 'crash' should give you an idea of the extent of the problem)

Some of the issues have really weird fixes: " Entering the Strip may cause console to crash showing only black screen. Wearing the old cowboy hat can prevent this."

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this has happened to two of my machines and unfortunalty a day or to later it got the yellow light. its usually a sign thats whats coming,so i would back up your game data now,and then think of having it reballed or getting a new one if it does get it.if its just the game then great but better safe then sorry and back up your game data just in case


good place to get it reballed.

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