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I'd put logos up but Sean Sherlock would send a SWAT team round to kick my face in. The-Rigger has saved the day though.


Both teams on a high going into this match.

Injuries concerns: Agger and Ramsey defo out. Gerrard, RVP, Vermaelean all doubts.



My predicted line-ups.


Don't go asking for streams

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killwill Registered User

Did you set your alarm so you would be first up to do the match thread?!!!

I am going for a 3-2 win for Liverpool.
I realise they are struggling to score goals but I see Suarez and Bellamy tearing the Arsenal defence apart.

internelligent Registered User

Ideal situation: 10-0 with Enrique scoring 9 and getting an assisst in a Carroll goal. Reasoning? I've Jose in FF but since Carroll could do with the confidence I've decided not to be totally selfish and I'll be rooting for him to score. 10 goals because anything over 10 is simply unrealistic.

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sparrowcar Registered User

Liverpool 2-1 Arsenal

Carroll, Bellamy & Walcott.

Kenny in a tracksuit again


IvySlayer said:
I'd put logos up but Sean Sherlock would send a SWAT team round to kick my face in.

I have taken the liberty to design some logos.
These logos are my own work and any resemblance they may have to other logos is purely coincidental.

You all have my express permission to use them as and when you see fit.
Thank you Sean Serlock and god bless you, the internet and Microsoft Paintbrush.


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IvySlayer Registered User

Think Carroll will be starting over Suarez anyway.

IvySlayer Registered User

Logos added to OP.

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clappyhappy Registered User

Don't know what to think about Carroll,a few weeks ago my faith was restored in him,but it has faded again. He annoys me when he kicks the ball,he doesn't follow through and he needs to get into the box more,he is playing far too deep most of the game. This is the game for him to redeem himself,I really hope he does.

Bodhisopha Registered User

Who is Sean Sherlock?

IvySlayer Registered User

Bodhisopha said:
Who is Sean Sherlock?

Minister of State

racso1975 Registered User

if the verminator and rvp play then it's a walk in the park for arsenal!

RasTa Registered User

Shirley you can add logo's?

IvySlayer Registered User

RasTa said:
Shirley you can add logo's?

Club logos are copyrighted/trademarked and posting it without the owners consent would technically be breaking the law, and don't call me Shirley.

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Oranage2 Registered User

usually I'm very reserved about what I say but I cant see anything other than Arsenal destroying liverpool.

It might take arsenal till the second half to break down Liverpool'l 3 lines of defence, but a comfortable 2-0 win for the Gunners.



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