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Hi Guys
I changed Dns settings on my Wii so i could open up the Usa Library. I think ive gone and fecked up the Router setting as I can only connect to internet by using the yellow ethernet cable. PS3, Wii and Laptop won't pick up the wireless signal. Ive tried entering Ip address into the web browser but cisco site is looking for a different password than my wep key. Anyone any idea how I can get my original settings back?

Paddy De Plasterer Registered User

I have a similar problem almost. I have Dell Inspiron. I used have wireless internet on it, and could use it in any part of the house. It has stopped suddenly, and I can only use net with yellow cable plugged in. Any help ?

Celtotec Hosting Registered User

Reset it by pressing the little button using a pen or pin once you have reset it.
Then you should be able to get into the web interface.
You should make sure you look up the default username and password before you reset it.
Good luck with it

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