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I called into Pearse Stadium, Salthill, home to Galway GAA. The stadium manager kindly allowed me to walk around taking photographs . Here's two of them, I'll post up more soon:
The general ones of the stadium aren't great imho but I like the pattern ones:

Galway GAA stadium by Photoblog.ie (Patrick Dinneen), on Flickr

I wandered around Pairc Ui Caoimh last summer, full photos here:


patterns and strong colours seen in the empty stand which wouldn't be seen on match day.

...and an 'abstract' one thrown in for good measure

Pearse Stadium, Galway GAA by Photoblog.ie (Patrick Dinneen), on Flickr

Toilet by Photoblog.ie (Patrick Dinneen), on Flickr

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bullpost Registered User

Love the abstract one best, though I'd go for a slightly tighter crop.

Lighting is a bit flat in the rest.

Borderfox Moderator

Yeah abstract one is excellent

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uumotor Registered User

great, it is beautiful

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CabanSail ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ ʎɹobǝʇɐɔ

The Mono Abstract is very good indeed.

I would just darken the triangle in the lower left corner and make the watermark less intrusive (make that layer about 20%).

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just-joe Registered User

really like the black and white one!

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BlastedGlute Registered User

That black and white abstract is very good! Dull down, or black out the grey in the bottom left to keep the color tones true black and white like 99% of the image!

Good stuff!

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paulocon Registered User

Some great shots there, the pick of which is undoubtedly the Abstract one.

I also like the Toilet one as for me, it represents the character of some of our County grounds.

I'd really love to see a project done on the County grounds of Ireland. There's some lovely old stands around the country and also quite a few grounds in various stage of delapidation.

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