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Robin 2012 said:

Catherine’s husband Thomas Smyth My G.Grandfather I can’t find his date of birth or where he or the family came from I know they married in St. Brendan’s Church in Coolock on the 5Th Feb 1911 He was aged 26 and she was aged 18
Thomas Smyth mother’s maiden name was Hickey but the General Registers Office can’t find his birth cert for some reason but on the marriage cert it says his father Patrick Smyth and mother Mary Smyth (Hickey) are from “Coolock, Dublin” but no exact address.
I suppose what I’m after is Thomas Smyth D.O.B....

one point about that marriage - addresses on parish or civil records are generally the current address, which may not be the same as where they came from originally. What was Patrick Smyth occupation on the marriage cert ?

is this your Thomas and Catherine on the 1911 return (gives ages as 26 and 21..) ?


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Hi Shane,
Thomas father occupation on the wedding cert is Labourer (patrick Smyth)

I seen that census I id would say it is them by looking at the infromation on it.


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Shrubs house was located where Atlantic homecare is today on the Clonshaugh RD. behind Northside shopping centre.
This area was known as shrubs hill and the bridge over the river here, was known as shrubs bridge.
the area was also known as the four roads.
where their was a crossroads before Northside shopping centre was built
its about a mile west of coolock village.
id say your grandparents lived in one of the lodges associated with this house

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does anyone know of a historian in the coolock area or of a book about the area?

Thank you for your help

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Just saw this post today

There is a book "Green Fields gone Forever" The story of the Coolock and Artaine Area by Douglas S. Appleyard.

My name is Desmond Kelly and my relations were the Coolock blacksmiths. The forge was at the side of the BOI.


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