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Played a few more games of this last night, and am really enjoying it. Love how fast paced it is, and reminds me of Unreal Tournament. Enjoying this more then Battlefield at the moment, though it's probably cause i don't suck ass at this.

New trailer as well

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ChubbyHubby Registered User

Gave this a go the last couple of nights. Easy to get into for me cause I used to play a lot of Tribes and Tribes2. It's quite different to other FPS, even when compared to the other fast paced ones. For starters, people move fast cause of skiing so you got to learn how to aim by leading the target and take the shots with high probability of doing damage instead of going for direct hits. It's not everyone's cup of tea but it's incredibly fun if you know what you are doing. I play as DumDum on EU servers.

ShadowHearth Registered User

I like it. Just played few games.

I find it easyer then any other fps. I get good scores too. I still play mw3 for very little bit and bf3, but more and more I end up in tribes.
Funny enough after playing tribes I totally raped in mw3! ( I really suck at that game ). I guess after tribes mw3 feels way slower.
Still, it's easy to get in to. My favourite thing - no cheap kills like in modern fps shooters. ( behind walls, in the back, camping )

I think we might be on the roll for such fast style games. There were good few games shown with cryengine 3 demo.


How the hell do you make direct hits?? Some people are so good at it. I can't see a way to improve at this

Headshot Registered User

My username is headshotbrds on tribes folks.

Duggy747 Registered User

Definitely reminds me of the old Unreal Tournament / Quake Arena days.

Gonna try it out this weekend.

Vikings Registered User

Paid €23.99 for one of the gold packages.

Funny thing is if I walked by the game in a shop I probably wouldn't have bothered to pay that for the game in the first place.

I had previously bought Tribes Vengeance years ago but I never stuck to it.

Unlocked and upgraded the Technician class and having a hell of a time with this. Only level 4 or 5 but so much fun.

Rhinos69 if anyone wants to add. Be cool to get a good team together get some team play going on.

ShadowHearth Registered User

Username: shadowhearth ( shocker, I know! )

I have to say I am really loving the moderm free to play model. I would not have gotten this game at all, but after trying it like this, I am really hooked. I bough that 10eu ish worth of gold just to say thank you to developer and I am prety sure I will spend few more quid on it!

Had a class moment today. Some fella was going fast with flag amd I got I'm parallel line with him. We bout were going so fast, but I was turned all the time at him as I tried to shoot him. I did not even see where we going lol. I am surprised we did not hit any wall or something! Was really cool and mindless moment.

Duggy747 Registered User

After a hiccup of not being able to install it (kept failing to authenticate thus uninstalled itself), I changed the install directory and I was good to go.

Was a bit intimidated hopping into this. Haven't played the fast-paced games like Unreal Tournament or Quake 3 in about 10 years and thought I'd be destroyed for my first hour or so but it didn't take me long to adjust to it. I'm averaging around the top 5 in most games.

Loving it so far, probably on the fact that it brings me back to those days of flying through a game at such a fast pace. My shooting is still pretty wonky where I can't shoot for shìt unless I have a grenade launcher-like weapon.

CTF is definitely my cup of tea since I've gotten quite good at capturing flags. Love that feeling of skiing through the level and grabbing the opposing team's flag at 150kmh, whizzing by everyone's fire and capturing them off-gaurd. Fantastic adreneline buzz when you do grab it and you know about 6 guys & 3 turrets are unloading their clips on you and you hope you won't die just inches away from your own flag.

Equally heart breaking when you're going at the same speed and miss the flag by a nanometre and have to do a U-turn............if you haven't been blown to pieces by then.

Ah, definitely brings me back to the good ol' days.

My username is Duggy747 if anyone wants to add.

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I know the feeling of missing the flag so well!

I'm grimebox surprisingly

Robby91 Registered User

Fantastic adreneline buzz when you do grab it and you know about 6 guys & 3 turrets are unloading their clips on you and you hope you won't die just inches away from your own flag.

True that! Just had a few lovely games there, getting those speedy flag grabs (especially the ones, in TDM, that involve robbing the flag out from under an enemy's nose) are oh so satisfying!

I just managed to get a nice cap on Drydock* - zipped through the enemy flag post at ~150KM/H, dropped a grenade behind me because a Light Turret was annoying me (some eejit stepped on it instead ). Just as I got outside our base, I spotted an enemy making a very daring jog towards our flag - I managed to hit the fecker about half a sec before he nabbed the flag and blasted him off our base platform before making the cap. It's pretty amazing how the speed of the game makes even the simplest things feel so incredible

*Is Drydock the grassy CTF map with the big mountain in the middle? I can't remember most of the map names :\


Username Dermighty

Looking forward to giving this a go when it installs.

Shiminay Moderator

Technician Class is win Turrets score me so many kills and streaks - depending on the map you have 2 covering the flag or one at the flag and one at the generator. Then just keep things repaired, call in an inventory station when you've got the credits and upgrade the base defences when you can. I'd love to be able to upgrade deployable turrets too, but that may be a bit too OP - they seem to do pretty well as is


When do you find it useful to call in inventory stations? I would have thought the money was better spent on upgrading structures

ShadowHearth Registered User

well i had a lot of fun when i started, but looks like everyone got way better at it then me, because i play it only now and then in short burst for half an hour.i got murdered yesterday! i played deathmatch mostly, but started CTF. feck that... turrents just kill me like a fly.
on the other hand i did snatch the flag today and brought it back home. the damn speed i had ffs! was awesome!

after this game MW3 feels like BF3 for me and BF3 feels like Chess master 2000

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