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Just half way through on this at the moment and just wondering if anyone had any views on it?



Haven't read it myself but have been told it is highly recommended to people in there battle to stop drinking.

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The only thing i heard was it's suppose to help control but a lot of people end up giving up completley

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ntlbell said:
The only thing i heard was it's suppose to help control but a lot of people end up giving up completley

Yes it is basically about giving up totally - its just as he said in book if he called it "how to quit alcohol for good" it would stop a lot of people reading it!!!

Just finished it up to the last chapter and reading it again...not quite ready to read the last part - When you read it you'll kinda understand.


I'm contemplating giving this a read myself.

I read his book on giving up smoking...and haven't smoked in over 6 years. It really was easy. I'd imagine this book would follow the same pattern and ideas. No harm if you decide to never drink again, thats a good thing im my opionion.

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I read the book and found it no end of good - it is pretty heavy going but also very reasonable - i finished it and went to the pub to meet some friends, and it worked for me

I haven't drunk since and it does feel great - obviously, it won't work for everyone but it is worth a look

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I used his book to quit smoking and it worked very well. A few years after, I read this book, thinking it was about controlling alcohol consumption and was a bit peeved when it led to asking you to quit, as I wasn't quite ready for that then.

But I kept it at the back of my mind and read it again when I was ready. It certainly helped but I wouldn't say it was 100% the reason why I've quit successfully (just over a year now). I think mindset and preparation are essential.

I also read Jason Vale's book 'Stop Drinking 4 Life'. I think he's Carr's understudy so it's a very similar book but it has a more modern and energetic feel to it. I flick through it every so often to make sure I never waiver.

If you read them and feel quitting is for you, please just make sure you put some preparation into this new life and all the free time you are going to have, especially the first few weeks/month. Have a detailed schedule of activities so when your brain turns to mush, as it will, you know what you are doing next.

What used you do for fun, but quit when you got into spending time in pubs etc, or what have you always wanted to do but never seemed to have the time/money? Start thinking about these things BEFORE you quit and set them in motion.

Best of luck anyway, whatever you decide to do.
(this was supposed to be a one-line answer btw).

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