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hi all,
First of all there are many, many, caminos. I have road biked three of them, the coastal camino from Bilbao, camino Frances from just north of the Pyrenees and the Silver route from Seville.
Ryanair fly to Seville and to Biarritz for camino Frances. Aer Lingus fly to Bilbao.
Most bikers stay in Hostels, Pensions and a few camp. Cyclists sometimes have to wait till 7 at night to get beds in pilgrim Hostels, especially in high season.
If not camping one should get away with less than 6kg of baggage.
One sees all sorts of bikes,hybrids, mountain and racers.
The airlines will carry your bike, but it must be prepared for flight.
Aer lingus fly back from Santiago De Compostella.
Bikes can also be hired, Tour and Ride are based in Santiago and will deliver to your chosen starting point in Spain. Bike Iberia also rent bikes.
Michelin do a special Santiago Map, its good showing the camino trail and the nearby roads. for details use google
Google " Confraternity of St James London" for further info.
Spain has a great motorway network , As a result N roads nearby often have very light traffic. Spannish drivers are respectful of cyclists.
I have had 6 bike trips to Spain , I think its the best
Buen camino

HI, planning cycling the northern route from santander to sdec in may. Have7 days to cover the 550k. Not overly experienced cyclists. How would you rate this route for difficulty. Any advice? Thanks

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Hi dr ro,
Its fair to say this is a hilly route, lots of ups and downs but do able . I was 64 when i did this route and i cycle for fitness.
I got bus into Santander with bike as it flew. Assembled bike Went around corner to FEFE station and wheeled bike onto train for Boo Or even to Requejada to avoid busy roads.
2. N roads wont have heavy traffic if there is a motorway in the same direction, if not pick out minor roads. A decent road map is needed
3 A simple compass can be handy for example going N in Gijon enables one to pick up a bike path along the seaside eventually picking up a road towards Aviles.
4 The motorway crossing the estuary at Ribadeo has a footbridge hanging off it. Exciting if you can find it and it saves a detour.
5. I came across a few roads that had vehicle detours due to flooding damage ,but were fine for bikes.
6. I traveled solo and used pilgrim hostels. (pilgrim passport needed . Available Irish Society of St James. Sheetbag or Light sleeping bag also needed,never had to wait for a bed)
7 heavy rain can fall so i carried a lightweight walking jacket, came in useful.
8 An enjoyable route , but the route is mostly out of sight of the coast
If you have any further questions just ask

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