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Hello all,

I have a high 2:1 degree in History and Classics and am looking to do a Hdip in 2013. Realise that jobs are scarce in Ireland and I'll probably have to go to the UK. Still have heard that it's pretty hard to find teaching work if you just have History. Does anybody know ways in which you can become qualified to teach secondary school level English without having to do a whole degree/ or Masters. Would appreciate any info you have.



The university will probably let you do English as your second subject teaching practise wise but you will not be entitled to register as an English teacher without a degree in it. A BA is the minimum required to teach English I'm afraid. Mind you, English is as least as oversubscribed as History. The only degree accredited by the teaching council that you wouldn't have to go to uni for is the open university degree in Maths...

Click on the link below and scroll down to download the list of degrees.


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