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It's been a while since I've done the cliff walk and am wondering how doable it is with a buggy? The buggy is a rough terrain type one with big wheels so uneven ground wouldn't be too much hassle. But I'm more wondering about whether the path gets narrow and things like that.

Thanks for any advice!

Sugarlumps Registered User

I think you’d be mad, I’ve only seen women at it, looks like tough work but it doesn’t seem to deter them either. Path doesn’t narrow enough where you wouldn’t be able to fit a buggy through.

There’s steps around halfway where you’d need to take the child out. Those pouch type devices would be better suite, in saying that I’ve no experience regarding children. I prefer to bring my dog.

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dr ro Registered User

I did it a couple of years ago with a three wheeled buggy. Got there but it wasn't too easy. Had to carry the lot up and down the steps. Since the path was moved in land a bit and fenced they've put pebbles down which make buggy pushing hard. Going backwards makes that bit easier. Wouldn't be in a hurry to do it again.

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mathproblem Registered User

the loose stones at the greystones end wouldn't be too buggy friendly at all, i'd imagine the wheels digging down making it quite strenuous indeed... that's after all the rough stuff before you get there.

You could probably get away with bringing one of those big wheeled buggies on the first stretch of 500m or so from bray just to see the views, but much more would be more trouble than it's worth

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