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M cebee said:
youre drunk

So fúcking what? have i got less of a right to post here cos of that?

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Going Forward.

I second inane "mild" weather talk.

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Can I pick your brains...

Why? Why would anyone say that?

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Badhb Registered User

'You know that kind of way'.

I don't know why, but I start foaming at the mouth when someone starts peppering their conversations with that particular phrase.
I completely end up forgetting what they are talking about, I just start to really, really hate them.

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catthinkin Registered User

Boom and messy argggh

Clareman Moderator

Working for a large multi-national company means you got to hear a load of b0ll1x every day, some that really grind my gears are:
"Low hanging fruit"
"Proactive solution"
"Going forward"
"Work smarter not harder"

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The King of Moo Registered User

"I was like, 'Oh my god!' Do you know what I mean?"

No, I have no idea what you mean. Were you shocked? Mildly surprised? Angry? Why not use words to describe how you felt?
Have you used up your monthly quota of adjectives?

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Alice1 Registered User

Dean09 said:
Not phrases as such but I despise the way newsreaders say "GorTHa" instead of Garda.
And now that lent is here, they've started saying "THrocaire"
There's no fúckin "H" in there so stop saying it!! Does my head in.

Dean, Trócaire is an Irish word meaning mercy. It is usually pronounced "Throwcarra"

Same with the Garda - tis an Irish word pronounced "Gartha"

pragmatic1 Registered User

Not a phrase but when anyone uses the word "libtard", I immediately assume they're stupid. "Political correctness gone mad." There are times when this phrase is indeed true but most of the time the person using the phrase is below average intelligence.

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When someone states something fairly obvious but precedes it with ‘I won’t lie to you’.. bla bla bla – why do you usually? just a thick phrase.

Also, when someone thinks that by saying something offensive, but following it up with ‘no offence like’ they think they have the right to be rude but not held accountable for it!

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ICANN Registered User

I hate when people say brekkie instead of breakfast, really pisses me off.

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what the fu'ck is goin on here


Libtard? What is that meant to infer? Liberal retard? I have never heard of this word before.

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