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It's "you're"


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If you look on wiki (mobile DJ) it says that club dj's and rave dj's are on the same page (not stage), however I would classify a rave DJ as a mobile DJ in the sense that the stage moves - although he is not providing his own equipment, he is appearing on a stage which is not a fixed fixture. And anyway, the DJ might be the organizer himself = he provides the PA = mobile DJ.

Lost in translation...

Yeah, I'm sure the underground music scene is awesome... I've heard from friends that people will ask DJ's 'WOW, where did you get that music?' and they sort of shrug a bit and say 'the underground'.

It can be hard mobile DJing. I've done few gigs, in fact I don't gig at all anymore, even though I want to... no space / place... drunkards can be difficult to deal with, but at least you've got enough people in the room to have that kind of attention... I've played to empty rooms most of the times and it's really embarrassing, it's like why am I even here...

A good wise vocalist friend of mine told me of a technique where when someone (a drunkard for example) is annoying you, take the mic and say nice and boldly, but not hostilely, in a boomy voice almost "so, what's your name?" and turn the mic to them like a TV presenter. Take the whole situation, turn it around and into a 'stage interview' placing the spotlight on THEM. If you had an actual light you could shine on them that would be great. You will probably find (metaphorically speaking) they just sort of become very self conscious and slink away out of the SPOTLIGHT. Keep the ball rolling, asking them questions, - "are you having a good time?" - maybe involve the crowd a bit. "Is there anything you would like to say to your friends in the audience?"


Bring it round to a place where you say something like "I'm going to continue with the music now. Thanks for sharing with us. We'll talk later."
And if this 'stage interview' takes as long as until your playing song finishes - this could be better in the sense that people will notice and start to look... the 'guest' will notice and also people in the crowd may come and take your 'guest' away since their music is being paused.

Try it... let us know how it goes... can't guarantee it works on all types of people. Some are more confident than others. Try different tactics... prepare some questions...

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