Scealta_saol said:

Whoever circulated this wasn't thinking with a full deck of cards... it's an offence to pretend to be a solicitor...

Thats interesting , I never knew that.

johnfás Registered User

Yup s56 Solicitors Act 1954 as amended.
Prohibition on pretending to be solicitor.

56.—(1) A person who is not a solicitor shall not pretend to be a solicitor or take or use any name, title, addition or description or make any representation or demand implying that he is a solicitor.

The current fine for the offence is in the region of €4,000. Obviously you would also be liable on an almost unlimited basis to anyone who suffered damage in reliance on your representations.

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Marcusm Registered User

Tom Young said:

Surely that is straying into the provision of legal advice (on a fake piece of legal advice)!!!!!!!

Avatargh Registered User

PcAngel said:
Is it legally correct?

Think about it for more than two seconds, and maybe less than seven.

Then think about whether rapists can avoid "statute" because they don't "consent" to it.

You'll get your answer.

jargon buster Registered User


Rob Menard posted it on David Ickes and the thread got locked and he got banned once the mods found out about the solicitors investigation.

Lockstep Boondock Saint

I emailed them about this and got the following reply

Thank you very much for getting in touch and bringing this email to our attention - a number of people have done so. The email did not originate with this firm and does not express any legal opinion from this firm. We are investigating how our name has come to appear on the email.

Thank you again.

They've since released the press release saying it's nothing to do with them.

It bugs me that people are willing to fabricate legal info to further political points. God help those who believe this stuff.

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