capefear Registered User

Hi guys

Sister is moving to Fermanagh for work for a year, what is it like to live in, their hoping to get a place beside one of the loughs and an house with a bit of land as they have dogs.

Is there any areas to avoid? Is there any trouble?


muffler Moderator

Im not from Fermanagh but have been in the county quite a few times and its a beautiful county with lovely friendly people.

Im not aware of any eares that should be avoided.

Inishmore Registered User

Its all as safe as anywhere else, or maybe a lot safer than other parts of the island, but having said that, everywhere in 2012 seems to have its problems too! The towns and village are universal in having their share of disaffected youth, pm me if you want one good example to avoid, although I think the polis are on the case. Jobs are not plentiful.

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