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Me when I was a kid, one word: Relax.

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You are not ugly. Yes, you are a bit overweight but nothing that some exercise won't fix.

Things are going to get better and you won't feel so suffocated. You will find a courage that you never thought you had.

Don't cut off friends and go all introverted when things get hard for you, you will regret not keeping in touch and you will miss them.

You can do more than you ever expected you would. Don't doubt yourself or listen to the bullies or stay with that guy who will make you feel inferior.

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Put all your doubts and insecurities out of your mind - they're not real- and don't break up with her; you'll regret it, deeply.

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Run fast from that stupid boy run fast and don't look back.

You will waste years of your life on someone that did not deserve you.

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to 13 year old me:

start running, stop smoking!

to 16 year old me:

for the love of jesus do not dye your hair! you will later regret it and spend 2 and a half years growing it out...we are nice as ginger!

also stop being so down on yourself! he was not worth it!

to 15 ear old me:

do not get with will never be right with guys after him...all trust in men will be gone!

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Have better posture, exercise more, relax and don't put so much pressure on yourself in college! It will help you avoid long term joint problems in the future!!

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So, so many things I wish I could say to 15 year old me!

- don't just be a complete doormat for the first guy that shows you attention. He is so not worth the amount of time you'll waste on him. I know it's tempting to invest everything into the relationship cause it's your first 'proper' boyfriend, but seriously, he is a loser! And he's not even your type ! (You know this deep down!)

- Appreciate Mammy & Daddy a bit more. It's fun out in the big, bad world but you should realise how much they do for you and that they'll always be there for you.

- Spend more time with your granny now. I know right now it seems like she'll be there forever and you'd rather spend the weekends with your mates, but you'll miss her more than you can imagine when she's gone. An extra weekend or two won't hurt.

- Speaking of mates, branch out a bit more. Now. I know it's handy just to hang around with the same girls all the time ( and they are your besties) but it would actually be healthier and cause less hassle down the line if you had more friendships outside of them.

- Dye your hair, get that piercing and tattoo. Be the person you actually want to be, not what everyone else expects. Don't be such a pussy

- Actually think about your future, not make vague guesses like "I'll be a writer." You're just in denial about properly planning for it cause you think you'll fail, you figure it'll just happen magically, but all your hard work will come to nothing if you come out of college not having a clue what to do. Which leads me onto...

- get counselling now for all the sh1t you carry around with you, cause it will totally hit the fan around 20/21 otherwise. When you lose the 'high achiever' identity you built up through school by now being on the dole it will fcuk with your head in a big way (even though it's not really your fault, there's this **** thing called a recession that's about to hit in about 5 years, save up now!!! ). BUT you might be better prepared for that if you have therapy now. Save yourself years of pain.

- One last thing, all the crap you eat WILL catch up with you. Start exercising now and eating less sweets. I know you hate sports, but you won't be size 6 forever and still be able to eat what you want (and believe me, it sucks.) So ditch the sh1te now!

Having said all that, I'm glad everything happened the way it did cause I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for my mistakes.

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I honestly can't think of any reason to go back and do something different. I've always thought about my actions and choices before I'd make them. Everything worked out fine and I've nothing to complain about really. Maybe to give more gratitude to my parents for giving me the freedom to let me make the choices I wanted and to let me become who I am now.

However, maybe not eating the ~4kg of Lindt chocolate I had in one week would've been nice, which lead to my only cavity, but it doesn't really bother me.

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excellent thread, loving the life tips here

going to add a few, cant edit my first post here,

to myself just over a year ago, for the love of jesus be thankful that your realising/being told all this crap now about what was/is/will still be going on and how that truly 99.9% of people arent really worth a damn tbh and that life is for enjoying, looking out for yourself, not hurting anyone for no reason and living as much as possable!
at least your only 25, imagine if you were in your 40s or something only realising all that

relax, go with the flow, save more, and stay single, its a lot easier and a hell of a lot of fun

except the old saying of if its meant to be it will be, and if he wants to be with you again hell come back to you, otherwise your just driving yourself nuts!
also, when thinking of himself and times you had, realise that they were really really good times, it was my very first relationship and it was great, i just shouldnt have believed and fallen for everything that he said to me tbh.

dont do everything someone tells you to do unless theres a legitimate reason for it/if benefits you.

do not under any circumstance even slightly befriend that work colleaugue that your put with to train, shell fcuk you over in a lot of ways for absolutly no reason just to put up the aule self esteem on her part, get away from it as soon as possable, theres a huge difference between shyness and just being a complete ****, youll thank yourself later!

smile and move on, do nothing unless physically provoked, it annoys/freaks any of the haters out

life just keeps getting better in different ways tbh, plus its a lot of different experiences for you, enjoy it!

if you have to look back, do it either being happy or learning!

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To my 20 something self:
Stop worrying about what other people think so much.
Chill out, enjoy yourself more, you're not as fat as you think.
When guys say you're hot they mean it, you are hotter than you think.
Sleeping around won't make you a slut if you're careful, enjoy yourself because you might not meet the man of your dreams in future and the offers will dry up as you get older.
Don't date losers because you think you can get nothing better. If you date losers you are wasting precious time - time that could be spent looking for somebody decent.

To my early 30s self:
Studying at night is all very well but there might not be a job at the end of it and an honours degree won't keep you warm at night.
Don't waste precious time trying to reform that alcoholic git because he'll never change.
Don't continue dating that older guy you don't fancy in the hope it will change because you think you can't find somebody else. You won't fancy him, he will force himself on you and leave you traumatised for years. And when you finally get over the attack it might well be too late to find somebody.
Don't date losers because you think you can get nothing better. If you continue to do so the day will come when all the decent men your age are gone or date younger women and only losers will date you.

To my late 30s self - now:
Try to make the most of things now even if they're not ideal, and try not to regret being so idealistic and puritanical in the past. You can't change the past and the future might not be as bad as you think. And if an attractive man propositions you - grab him, even if you do think he's too young! It's been a long time and one night of fun could put a smile on your face for weeks. Carpe diem.

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Brilliant thread.......

To the teenage me......

Stop partying - have fun, but study (even just a bit) and stay in university.
Stop worrying about finding a man - you will find the world's most wonderful man, and he will love every breath from your mouth.
Spend more "nice" time with your parents - they won't always be here or be healthy.

To me in my 20's........

You will have a very difficult journey but you will have your beautiful child.
Your brother is an asshole and can't be depended upon so stop expecting anything from him now and you won't be disappointed!
Save your bloody money!

To me in my 30's.....

Stop trying to please everyone. They wouldn't do the same for you and if you'd just call their bluff you'd find out who your friends are!
Save your bloody money!


Dont break up with 'Mr X'... You wont meet anyone as sound as him and you will get back with him in 17 years time after kissing lots of frogs

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You will see the warning signs after 3 months. Run. Do not waste 5 more years on him.

Stick with nursing, one more year isn't gonna kill you.

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frozenfrozen said:
I'm 16 and reading this. 99% of the posts say to study for leaving cert. I'm reading this, it makes sense, yet I still can't make myself do the work.

Note to my future self: My bad; I was hoping the world would end in 2012.

Same here but I'm so ****ing sick of this year. If the leaving cert was tomorrow I'd be so happy. I'm just terrified the points will go way up :S

I'm going to go for 16
Be less boring. Go out more, meet more people.

Stay away from that girl! She's a huge bitch, will cheat on you and make you completely miserable for 2 years for no reason, but in the end she gets her comeuppance in a really big way. You have much better friends under your nose you're not paying attention to.

Don't pick all three sciences for the love of god.

Grow a set, stop changing yourself to please everyone else.

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To 19 year old me,

That one you never thought you'd get with? You will.
The one that you thought if it happened it would never end? It does.
The inability to ever get over them. You do, (eventually, it does take about 12 months longer than you're willing to admit though )
That thing you dreamed of doing, and never stopped wanting to do, despite a whole other life developing in front of you, even then? The second you have a bit of faith in yourself (despite 2 years of applications), they let you in, you're doing it now and you have never been as in your life. Also exhausted but mainly
Regarding the exhaustion? You may want to invest in a decent eye cream now....

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