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I am hoping to buy a big bottle of sparkling wine or champagne for a birthday gift early April. Hopefully a rehoboam or a jeroboam. But the prices Im seeing are pretty pricey. Can anyone point me in the right direction of website to check for this?
Any help would be great.

have_a_go_hero Registered User

If you want any half decent sparkling wine or champagne you will have to pay the price a rehoboam or jeroboam is a lot of drink.... something like this is about as good as a price you can expect for champagne... http://www.thechampagnecompany.com/champagne/moet-et-chandon-champagne/moet-chandon-jeroboam-brut-impa-rial-champagne-nv-300cl/prod_38.html

the beer revolu Registered User

You'll also find that something like a jeroboam will cost far more than its equivalent in 75cl bottles.

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L.Kins Registered User

thanks so much for coming back to me, i found a reasonably priced bottle from this link so fingers crossed it works out ok. thanks again for the suggestion.

finbarrk Registered User

How much is delivery to Ireland I wonder?

L.Kins Registered User


The delivery to Ireland cost me £17.50, this was for a 5-10 day delivery and I received it three days after I ordered it online. I have to say I was pretty impressed when it showed up, I bought a 3litre bottle in the end, the link offered has some great value for money.

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