syklops said:
Im straight and I say loo.

Thats another myth busted.

You're only lying to yourself lad.

Jev/N Registered User

Immaculate Pasta said:

"Can I get a" - usually said in Coffee Shops. You don't say Can I get a when you ask for something anywhere else.

Can I get a whoop whoop?

FueledByAisling Registered User

Tazio said:
My bad.

A teacher actually went mental at a classmate of mine recently when he said that. Everyone just stared blank faced at her random outburst!

irishguitarlad Registered User

fall instead of autumn


Say what?!

OldNotWIse Registered User

May not be an Americanism as much as a "boards"ism but people who put "simples" at the end of their posts. It's starting to drive me mad!

Pataman Registered User

Guestimation, I assume thats how you spell it. I refuse to look it up as its NOT a reall word.



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