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Hi all,

I'm sorry if this question has already been asked but have searched and cannot seem to find a relevant thread. I'm currently on a year travelling and am thinking of sitting the GAMSATS next year (2013) when I'm back in Ireland.

I've worked in management consulting for the last three years and have a A in Biology from my LC in 2003 but no science apart from that. I'm wondering if there is any online resources which anyone could recommend that would be good to get me up to speed for physics and chemistry and the other sections? I'm returning to my job in November so if I could use my time between now and then with some good material, it would be great. I have use of an iPad and a kindle so if theres anything anyone could recommend, I'd really appreciate it.

Best of luck to all sitting the exam next month....

Thanks all.!

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KhanAcademy is great for video explanations of the major topics in Physics, Chem and Biology. Most of the Biology is reasoning and requires not much learned knowledge, you will, however, have to grab a basic 1st year university level biology book and take a look at the cell and its organelles as well as one or two other things.

Griffith's review is good for a list of topics to cover if you're unsure.

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The 2011 version of Griffiths GAMSAT Review is available for free download from their website. I do not know what has changed since then, but it seems pretty useful.


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Crybabygeeks Registered User

Thanks a million..., will look at that now!

JakeZ Registered User

Pm me I'm starting study soon also for gamsat 2013

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Hi Dead8,

I just tried to find the griffiths gamsat review 2011 online to download for free as you said from their website but i cant seem to find it on the website!

Any help? I have the 2007 version, but just wondering if this is outdated and do I really need to get the newer version?


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I'm thinking about starting a study group in Dublin if people are interested? I have a background in physics and the humanities, and I'm currently trying to re-learn LC chemistry and start biology from scratch. If other people have other strengths, a study group might be mutually beneficial?

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