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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum but I'm not sure where else to post it. We bought a wooden table and chairs from B&Q about 4 years ago, they were quite expensive at the time, but over the last year or so some of the bolts which attach the arms on the chairs have come loose and have got lost, resulting in 3 of the chairs having only 1 arm. B&Q have been less than helpful anytime I've called in to ask about getting replacement bolts, and referring me to the diy section where all the nails, screws and bolts are sold, but none of them match the dimensions of the bolts on the chairs.

Does anyone know where I might get replacements?

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Better to take a sample of what you require and pop into a good local Builder's Providers/Merchants. Should be no problem problem finding something similar.

You could also google furniture fixings?

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