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Just a quick note about the UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS 2012!

I'm sure some of you are already familiar with the programme, but basically the Undergraduate Awards is an international programme aimed at promoting student innovation and the spreading of ideas.

University students, including those at Harvard, Princeton, UCLA, University of Toronto etc etc. are given the opportunity to submit a piece of their work from their final or penultimate (second last) year of their Undergraduate degree. Winning entries will then be published in an Annual UA Journal that gets sent to libraries at all participating institutions.

Additionally, ALL entrants will be given a range of opportunities just for getting involved - for example, notice of internships with companies like Google, access to a top class graduate jobs website, invitations to networking events - all of which are pretty useful in the current climate, even if you do plan on getting outta here!

Criteria are as follows:

1...The work MUST have been graded by a professor and received a 2:1 or higher (that's a B-).

2...You have to be either a current final/penultimate year student OR have graduated in September 2011 (you can then enter work from your final year, 10/11)

That's all! Entry is free. Registration CLOSES March 31st - There are limited places. Then you can submit the work between April-July.

If you have any questions/queries/comments etc. please just post them as a reply Or you can check out the website for more details -

Thank you!

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I want to submit a piece but its not letting me register. Problems with the password.

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Hello GobBass

At the moment you can only register, you cannot log on or submit your entry, so if you are trying to do either of these things that would be the problem. The registration period closes on March 31st and from early April through to July you will be able to sign in and submit your work.

If this is not the case and you cannot register at all, please let me know as soon as possible - on here or facebook! You know who I am - and I will sort it out with the UA staff.

Thanks for the comment! Hopefully it will help clear potential issues up for others

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