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uberwolf said:
I understand that Saturday has been canceled as a mark of respect due to the death of a senior member of the promoting club.

The email I got specified the mick lally memorial and I didn't want to seem insensitive by asking did that include the other races, but I expect it does.


the open races scheduled for Summerhill on Sat 03-Mar have been cancelled.

I didn't know the man myself, but condolences to those who did.

Pablo Rubio Registered User

Cycleways Cup.
Any more updates on what time this race starts at?

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Pablo Rubio said:
Cycleways Cup.
Any more updates on what time this race starts at?

From Sticky Bottle.com
(Sign on usually opens at least an hour before the race)

Cycleways Cup, Co Meath

The Cycleways Cup in Navan had always traditionally been the season-opener in Ireland but with the racing having crept forward a couple of weeks in recent years, this Sunday’s running of the event will see it unfold on the third weekend of racing in the new season.

The sign on for the races is at Navan Rugby Club, with racing starting at 12.30pm. The start is on the Slane Road with the finish at Proudstown Road.

Promoted by Navan Road Club, there are three races down for decision.

The combined A1/A2 race will be over 130km; the A3s will race 80km and the A4s 70km.

For more information contact John Nolan, 087-2238873

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easygoing39 Registered User

Looks handy enough off a course.

PeadarCo Registered User

Sign on starts at 10.30

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easygoing39 said:
Looks handy enough off a course.

You'll be good for a placing then eh!

manwithaplan Registered User

Wife took pity on me following the cancellation of the Summerhill Race and has told me to go to Navan. I am now in hellenic levels of debt on the domestic front.

chakattack Registered User

Anyone know if this is the exact same course as last year?

The A4 race was billed as 70k but ended up at 85k.

levitronix Registered User

the race was supposed to be nuetralised i think last year till the first right hand turn but that never happened so thats where you get the extra distance, plus the organisers cant publicize a race of that distance for A4, id say for sure its the same course as last year

uberwolf Registered User

any news?


Ya.......im tired.

iridemybike Registered User

I rode the A4's. Good turnout, heard there were a couple of crashes (not sure of the details) - Some of those A4's definitely shouldn't be A4's though! Very strong group!

kenmc Registered User
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joker77 Registered User

I rode the A4 race today - that result doesn't look right to me

C3PO Registered User

joker77 said:
I rode the A4 race today - that result doesn't look right to me

Hmm .... I might well be wrong but that looks like one of our jerseys (Epic MTB) in 3rd or 4th in the A4s finish photo, but hard to be sure, and not mentioned in the results!

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