davoxx Banned


I got banned from politics, by the same mod, Scofflaw.

1 Month(s)

for the following reason:

Repetition of previous behaviour.

When asked for clarification, I got the snide reply below:
sure - refer to your previous ban, and the comments in the DR thread. Same behaviour, same result.

This is strange as southsiderosie had already closed the thread, before Scofflaw wandered in to add a personal attack, and to ban me only.
Another day, another trainwreck. davoxx, this is a repeat of the behaviour that earned you a week's ban that has just expired. Banned for a month.

I can now confirm that Scofflaw is picking on me as shown from his inability to explain his actions and ignoring the other posters on that thread in particular plasmaguy.

I now believe Scofflaw unsuitable to be a mod.

I look forward to your replies,


davoxx Banned


Can someone confirm that they are looking at this?



Khannie Make your dreams happen

I will have a look at it in the next day or so unless someone else wants to first? I'll deal with both DRP's as one issue.

davoxx Banned


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