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Ian Whelan said:
What did people think of the Penner v Perosh fight? Surely the referee should have held fire on the stoppage?

I'm not sure i have to say.

A large part of me thinks the ref shouldn't worry too much about the time left in the bout and should just try and make the same call if there is only one second to go that he would make if there was one minute to go.

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Xlami said:
Thats mad my Sky box missed the last few minutes of the main event. Missed the choke.

My box missed it too Must record the following programme in future on the UFC On FOX/UFC On FX type shows

jayteecork Banned

Great card, really like the flyweights, although McCall looks and acts like a bit of a douche.

Hope Mighty Mouse takes the rematch.

Kampmann was s hite, bit of a Anderson Silva on Sonnen job.

El Guapo! Moderator

Something happened with my upc recording aswell. I always tape whatever is on before and after the event just in case it starts early or late but I still managed to only get a couple of fights.

kojack Registered User

This is repeated again tonight on ESPN at 1.45am for anyone who missed the end.

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