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got a sticky front brake caliper, last mechanic (indy) said he'd sorted it, but 14k later, it's sticking again intermittently. Main dealers said replacement+ fitting is about 430e, with the part costing 390e, so I'd like to see it's a refurb using new seals etc is possible.

Anyone suggest someone good in Cork city area who I can visit? As it's a pretty important part of the car (ie Stops the car), I'd like to get someone trustworthy not cheapest. Dealer did suggest a refurb, but not sure how much they'd cost.

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Can't recommend specific in Cork, but when I needed a replacement caliper for her MX5, I exchanged it for a recon one in a motor factors in Limerick.
A lot of places should offer that service, they will order a recon unit and part exchange for the old, knackered one.
You can even pick up the recon, pay full price and get a refund when you bring the old, exchange unit in.
Since her car was on stands anyway, I did the exchange there and then.

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What type of car is it? How old is it? My mechanic lives around Ballincollig if that's any good to you? I can pm you his details if you wanted to call him and ask for a quote.

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'tis a 06 Corolla, Cadaliac, please forward on, I'd drop out to him either if he wants to see the part before quoting.

Dr. Fuzz, I need someone to take of the caliper, so I'd rather a one stop shop, from taking to parts guy in a main dealer, not Cork, he suggested that it's pretty simple to do the seal kit.

cadaliac Registered User

Pm sent

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... and get a new mechanic

Bogger77 Registered User

cadaliac said:
Pm sent

thanks, it'll be later in week before I get round to calling him :-)
E39MSport said:
... and get a new mechanic

any suggestions? based in Mahon/LittleIsland area

E39MSport Registered User

Sorry, no. North Kildare myself. Someone here will know one.

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