so right now i have a big ugly fat crt .. i think about 26in
im looking to get a 32/37in lcd/led
ive a budget of about 450/500
i would ideally like it to support netflix / youtube

the tv itself will prob be sitting on a stand but thatll be bought down the line separately.
ill be watching movies, general tv, sports, blurays.
i dont have a surround sound setup at the moment so the tv will need to have decent enough sound.i
ideally id like to be able to plug in a usb drive and play divx movies.

right now i have basic sky but no doubt it will be upgraded to skyhd in a couple of months

i like samsung, but im not sure why. ideally i think id like to buy in a bricks & mortor shop in dublin so i can see what im getting before i buy it, but im not completely against an online purchase.

can anyone make any suggestions please?



i suppose im open to not getting a "smart tv" and would be happy with one that supports hdd connected via usb with divx and other file formats. i would then buy an apple tv or similiar at a later date that would give access to netflix etc.

LordSutch Registered User

Suggest you try Currys, Harvey Norman, DiD, and Tesco

Yes I did say Tesco )


i was sorta hoping someone might be able to suggest something

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