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How would the layout for an irish letter be? I'm preparing one thats like going on a school trip to a camping site. Would that be grand If school trip came up?
How will I lay it tout also? I got this:

1. Address/date
2. "A ___ , a chara"
3. Telling my friend that I am sorry for not replying sooner as I was busy at camping and I say I hope everyone is well and how he is. Also say the weather and that I saw big mountains and beautiful views today.

4. _______ ?? Help
5. Help ??

Thanks. Give me a topic to write about please as I'm kind of braindead atm.

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Your layout is fine, just make sure you have the address and date in the correct corner.

As a topic to write about you could talk about facilities to show off vocabulary, what you will be doing, how long you'll be staying, who is going, what date/day, cost of the trip.
Anything to show off vocabulary effectively and properly(grammar etc.) whilst dealing with the topic as well will get you your marks.

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Ok thanks that helps a lot!

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