airbus125 Registered User

Hi, does anybody know where i can rent an iMac. I tried hire intelligence but they are too dear. Compuhire don't have any iMacs. If anybody knows anywhere else or anyone who i can rent an iMac off for a day for about 45 euro.

yoyo Moderator

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gorevs Registered User

Compub id reckon. in Dublin, Cork and Limerick

Gillo Registered User

I never heard of anywhere renting them out.

Out of curosity, how much did they charge and for what model?

Sad Professor Information Retrieval

Yeah, CompuB lease them out. Details including prices on their website:

airbus125 Registered User

Hire intellenge were looking for 50euro for the 24 model and I think 135 for the 27. 100 euro cheaper than compu b but remember you have to pay a deposit which was 400 for the 24

squonk Registered User

Looking at CompuB, why would you pay €229 to rent an iPad for a month? You'd buy the thing with just over 2 month's rental! heck, you could buy the iPad, use it for a few months and then sell it off and maybe only lose €80-€100!

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