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So, I'm getting married next year and the other half is insane about Saabs (early 9-3's and older).

Renting a wedding car is gonna cost 3/400 for something nice for the day so I've been wondering: would I be better off trying to pick up a 900/93 for a grand or so and either keeping it for a few months and flipping it relatively quickly or just running it into the ground?

I'm assuming a Saab's running costs would be high given that they're big (in Irish terms) petrol engines, high tax band and guessing they're expensive enough to maintain so not a great "bangernomics" car.

Any thoughts? (other than that my other half has strange tastes: how many girls would want a Saab over a vintage roller? Then again, it's kind of a given since she's marrying me!)

E39MSport Registered User

Sounds a bit excessive (buying for a one off use).

See what Hertz etc have in stock.

If you are going for it then do your homework - there are a few things to look out for - been commented on here before.

Sleepy Registered User

I think I'll be about due to change the car then anyway (currently driving a very cheap Corolla that's approaching 200k) and the thought was more that rather than spending 300 to rent something, put that towards the cost of getting something else...

wonski Registered User

Good to know I am not the only crazy one. This year my insurance for 2litre turbo saab (over 180hp) would be around 400E, so i am tempted to drive proper car. Tax isn't much of an issue (what i save on insurance, pay to the taxman), reliability and maintenance costs may be higher, but with my mileage(10-12k miles/year), i dont think it is big risk. Nice idea, lot of them on donedeal at the moment, and hope to pick one up very soon. Are you looking for coupe, or saloon? You may consider yourself very lucky to met women insane about this kind of car. Lucky you.

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Sleepy Registered User

I'd like a coupé but with 2 kids I think a 4 door saloon would probably make more sense.

freestyla Registered User

If found one under 1000eur with NCT and low milage, why not buy it.

This is 650eur
Milage 64k

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Sleepy Registered User

It's a bit early for me, wedding's not until Feb 2013 but that's pretty much the idea: buy her close to the wedding and sell her within 6-12 months of it at as low a loss as possible resulting in the use of the car for the few months being rougly the same price as it'd have been to rent something!

Anan1 Registered User

I think the idea's sound, but it'll be critical that you find the right car. Here's another one with potential - a 9-5 this time:

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bazz26 Registered User
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Limerick man Registered User

if you don't know what you're looking at for have some one with you that does, don't bother.

Sleepy Registered User

Oh, I'd intend to get a mechanic friend to take a look at anything before I handed over cash.

Suppose I was mainly looking to see if anyone had positive experiences with a Saab as a bangernomics car. Most of the time I see it being done, it's with cheaper to maintain marques like Toyota etc.

RoverJames Banned

As well as buying it getting it ship shape for the day (fairly detailed valet required and you'll probably not have time to do it yourself) might cost a few quid too, as well as having to by a fairly minty one. Seems quite a bit of hassle to save €300 tbh.

Sleepy Registered User

Oh, believe me, I'll be valeting myself!

The point isn't so much to save €300 as to get better use out of the spend

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