I am working for an Irish company in South Africa. We had a band lined up for our St Patricks day party but they have cancelled on us at the last minute. So the search continues.. I know this is late notice but if anyone knows an fast tempo trad/Irish ballad band that are free for St Patricks day then let me know, something similar to the band in the link below. The trip would be all expenses paid and a fee for 2/3 gigs played on 16/17th and possibly the 18th. If anyone knows a band that would fit the bill then PM me as soon as possible.


gpt music Registered User

hi there, i have a selection of musicians that can travel with me to cover your gig. you can contact me at wegpan@hotmail.com , or irish mobile 085-8085527. i am very intrested in the prospect of entertaining you on the requested dates. i will fill you in with all details, on your reply. as time is short, it would be best for you to contact me on my mobile. i have very tallented players from, donegal, armagh, dublin and belfast. all passionate about their music. we wont let you down. thats a promise. you wont regret meeting us either. if you can contact me asap, we can get the ball rolling."let the music keep your spirits high"

sincerely yours
weg timbs.

ArtyC Registered User

Where in south Africa is the gig?

gpt music Registered User

good question, i think it was being hosted by , eoin lee, and joe king

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