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Joe Public said:

I like that so much I just have to re-post it. Bittersweet


mickger844posts said:
For weather fans who most of the visitors in here are its been such a boring 12 months of weather. The seasons have more or less disappeared with very little variations. Something has to give at some stage. Maybe this cold spell will happen but i fear the weather will continue as is. We need some sort of weather event to restore interest.

Debatable from a farming viewpoint, it has been a great 12 months of weather.

We need a heatwave for the interest. I think the cold will just cause depression at this stage with most people looking forward to a decent spring and nice weather.
Snow and ice = not nice

Senna Registered User

At this stage i really want to be banned and not allowed to view this forum

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Nabber Registered User

Cold weather gone of the GFS run? Far to early to call it on or off anyways.

This low was undercutting Ireland. Now it swings north over Scotland. We get a weak north westerly after that.

Madpaddy79 Registered User

The best thing the weather forum has done this winter season is, it has highlighted the fact that weather CANNOT BE FORECAST beyond 3 days.

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ednwireland Moderator

if i remember my o level geography right we are a temperate climate
i.e. having a climate intermediate between tropical and polar; moderate or mild in temperature


Snow for Paddy's Day?

average_runner Registered User

Double figures in temp for the weekend according to MET

Musicman2000 Registered User

Very nice GFS 12Z run for the cold lovers

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mickger844posts Registered User

Musicman2000 said:
Very nice GFS 12Z run for the cold lovers

GEFS 12z similar. Something to watch for the next few days anyway.

pauldry Registered User

March certainly will be less boring than February.

But thats not hard after this years FeBOREy

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Rebelbrowser Registered User

pauldry said:
March certainly will be less boring than February.

But thats not hard after this years FeBOREy

On the basis of this morning's charts there is no sign of any real cold for the foreseeable (inc FI) future. -6's @ 850 make a very brief flirtation once or twice in the next few weeks but that's it.

sunbabe08 Registered User

oh god noooooooooo don't think i can another turn of will it won't it game it's not fun


Just for fun, the ECM 12z run this evening is showing the potential for an occlusion to bring snowfall (esp for high ground) in the southeast of the country as an developing wave depression passes to the south of Ireland sometime early Sunday morning.

Image Source: Vedur.is

Cold air being being drawn into an occlusion as it swings up over the country. 99% chance that it won't happen of course but the actual wave depression itself might be something to watch over the weekend even if that ends up missing us as well (as usual).

EDIT: GFS 12z dosen't really develop the wave feature at all but still on the cool side with just the usual mix of weak wintry type showers that serve no real purpose but to annoy:


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Wild Bill Banned

Everyone says we are heading for almost average temps and even () a few wintery showers and maybe some frost by the week-end!

Time for Darkman to start a thread????


He already did?

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