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Shane's death is quickly dealt with in February. Einri is proclaimed the new Taoiseach. However due to his young age, Tirlough is made his protector as head of the ruling O'Neill Roydammna. Tirlough follows the last instructions given to him by Shane in the French Campaign. February is declared a month of Mourning.

England makes peace with France leaving Einri enraged due to their general lack of involvement in the war. This loses occupied land from the Portugese in south western France. Elizabeth gains Corsica and a Indian colony. Armagnac is released as a nation, hurts Shane's plan for a strong Guyenne to keep France in Check.

Tirlough raises Burgandian Nationalists, Pretender Rebels, and Occitian patriots in South Eastern France to destroy any war effort in the area, and increase French desperation. A bonus is the fact that they will continue to operate long after the war.

The Second army wipes out French funded Particularists in Santee. The First army continues to siege Ill-de-France and wipe out local resistance.

Einri is formally inducted with the white rod at Tullhogue. Tirlough remains in his service as an O'Neill Fliath, and his chief advisor. Shane's youngest son Art is made Tániste with the support of his mother's family, the O'Donnell clan of Tyrconnell.

Naples finally secures the re-unification of the Kingdom of Sicily. Hopefully this will provide a powerful barrier to Papal expansion in Italy.

Valois spies raise revolters in Maine. Einri must return a raiding party to deal with them.

A tutor hired for young Art seems to think the child will make for an excellent leader for his nation, to the joy of many.

The first army finally ends the siege of Paris, with the French capital, surrender will soon follow, to the benefit of Tyrone.

Tirlough's revolters make huge trouble for France by occupying an increasing amount of territory, this only increases the odds of a very favourable surrender deal.

As unexpected as the Death of Shane, a huge fire breaks out in Dungannon the capital of Tyrone. 1000 people die in what will be remembered as the Great Burning of 1589.

Einri finally makes peace will France and the partition begins. 1) Tyrone will gain Normandy, Vendée, Anjou, Maine and Poitou. Guyene is also released in the South as a sovereign nation under the guidance of the O'Neill court. 2) Alencon and Armor will be discussed at a later date. 3) France will make no treaties will Guyenne or Armagnac.

On Tirlough's suggestion the court of Guyenne immediately makes war with Armagnac as to increase their rightful territory. (They have cores on all their provinces)

A look at France reveals a drastically weakened state, all over the now defunct issue of Spanish Succession which ruined both nations

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Any updates Farcheal

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I will try to have another done tonight. I have screenshots ready from last week, but any time I went to type them up, my keyboard wouldn't work right.

It really looks like in the next few weeks I will definately not be doing updates during the week. Due to exams. I may be able to do some at the weekend, but I won't promise anything.

If I am inactive for a period of time, I will be back.

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Einri sells Guyenne a rather large former French province.

[damn keyboard]

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After His father's success in gaining the thrones of Modena and Firenze, Éinri decided it best to try Diplomatically strengthen ties with Nations with a weak succession.

To this end, he is able to raise many obscure documents in his favour, alleged to prove his claim to foreign thrones. He could gain a foothold in Germany, the Low countries or far beyond. However Éinri decides to continue and pressure the Italian states.

With an O'Neill on the throne of Mantua, without any legitimate heir - The throne is ripe for the taking. However extremely high infamy after the French war stops Éinri in his tracks. The court Bishop warns Éinri if he proceeds with military action he will be labelled a War Monger; or Dishonourable scum.

Éinri enters into a marriage with the powerful regional power of Savoy. An alliance offer from Cataluyna will undoubtedly secure its independence from Spain for now.

Seeing as war with the English is unlikely for the next few years, Éinri gains permission from the Pope to declare himself the King of Ireland. The protestant English are in uproar however, and this is likely to provide a contentious issue for years to come. Previously the Gaelic lords could easily be divided and conquered, but now unified the English authority faced a significantly larger threat.

In a completely shocking move, Elizabeth grants Áed lordship of Míde, on the grounds of conversion to Protestantism. Whilst once again a member of the Ui Neill holds the crown of Rí of Míde, the proclamation of a "True Tyrone"
sends shockwaves through the Nobility as Éinri's opponents flock to the new kingdom. This is likely a tit for tat response by the English to undermine the O'Neill's authority in Ireland.

Remaining Breton provinces defect to Ireland. French rebels continue to ruin the ravaged nation. Éinri presses demands over Alencon to the French.

Éinri acts to put the small state of Parma under the Authority of the O'Neill. Milan intervenes on Parma's side. However with their own monarchy weakened, Éinri is able to claim on the Lombards also.

Guyenne continues to beat down Armagnac in Aquitane. English funded Rebels reak havoc in the East. Tirlough leads a force to destroy the revolt and in the act strengthen local ties.

A humongous Provence is Freed from the French in the South. Burgundy flies its flag free from foreign dominance in decades. Demands with the French are hugely enhanced after the pretender Duke of Auvergne that Shane Funded actually succeeds to the French throne. Alencon will soon be bartered by the Grateful new King.

Quite unexpectedly, the King of Savoy dies, leaving Éinri as his Heir. A second personal union is formed in a great day for the new King. With Savoy to enforce his local claims, the subjugation of Italy will be swift.

Infrastructure in the Colonies is greatly increased to enhance their output. Forts are build along the cost but the court has made it clear that Shipping routes are to be maintained.

Meanwhile, Flanders has been following the colonisation path of Ireland by colonising the south of Africa. Whilst this is no issue now, the Portuguese may be threatened to the point of action by this in the future.

Guyenne completes its conquest of Armagnac. Tirlough remains as an emissary to the local King and influences him to look eastwards to Provence for success.

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How dis you form Ireland without Meath, must be the mod

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Im can't remember if its in the vanilla game or not, but gaining Meath back is not really expected from the crappy natives any time soon.

Unification was just one of the missions i recieved, as I remember in vanilla a common mission was "save irish people" from oppression in Meath by the British. The way I see it, Ireland is shaping up to be one bastard of a warmonger and I want to focus on domestic issues after Parma. Particularists in the huge colonies are becoming a problem.

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Well, Started playing Eu3 again ealier in June. Having a wee mess around and getting updates for mods and that. As it turns out however, the new variant of Death and Taxes seems to render older save games unplayable. So Alas, I will have to end this Play through.

I have found a mod named MEIOU which is very interesting, however does not give the best missions. I may be back playing a AAR with it if my test game proves interesting/fun enough to play.

EDIT: What I mean is, I am playing as an Italian Religious Order, akin to The knights, seeking to reclaim Dalmacia from the Slavs. Perhaps I will be able to form a state similar to the province of Dalmacia at its height, or Illyria.

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If you play CK II do an AAR of that Farcheal

Farcheal Registered User

I haven't gotten my hands on CK II yet, It looks good thou. I am just getting back into Eu3 now and with this next AAR will probably be taking much less screenshots, Deleted 1 and a half GB of them earlier.

Dalmatian Liberation it is! Just working out the kinks of the scenario now.

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