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Truth. I would not like to have found out the hard way, but then, I don't shoot modern stuff like this and have no need for it.

However, it DOES seem in all cases - with you in RoI and here in backwater England - to be ammunition from the same maker that is at fault here. It's especially galling in view of the fact that Hornady are the 'inventors' of the .17 HMR [Hornady Magnum Rimfire] in the fust place.

Needless to say, the cartrdges I mentioned WILL be going back whence they came in the morning.


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clivej said:
First get a wooden dowle that is a real tight fit in the barrell. Fill the barrel with a heavy oil (car engine oil) and then using the tight dowl and a hammer punch the dowle down the barrel.
What you have now is the hydraulic ram that will push the bullet head out. Take care not to break the dowle

Feck the dowel, you're taking a hammer to the crown of the barrel that way, aren't you?
I think I'd rather use the cleaning rod; at least that way you know the rod is designed to go down the barrel.

And if you have to do this, it goes without saying, spend a while cleaning out the barrel very thoroughly before using the rifle again, lest anything pyrotechnic happen.

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davekangoo said:
i was out this morning sighting in a new .17hmr took 5 shots @50 yards just to get it on paper a bit off but lovely grouping anyway put 5 more rounds in the clip loaded pulled the trigger and silence, a dud , waited a few seconds recocked pulled trigger again still nothing , opened the bolt to see an spent shell , then i thought i was losing it because i didnt remember it firing , went on to load the next round but the bolt would not close tried a different bullet still the bolt would not close i took the bolt out looked down the barrel and low and behold the bullet from the dud is stuck in the barrel how do i solve this problem without causing any damage

seen this happen few times, Get your cleaning rod (if you have a rod) and let it drop down the barrel a few time tapping the head of the bullet it will eventually drop out, no probs. have done this on few occasions for people

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Batch numbers for ammo being published wouldn't be a bad idea.

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That also works. Especially for a primer only load......sigh.


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meathstevie said:
Batch numbers for ammo being published wouldn't be a bad idea.

Good plan - sadly I can't help as the two shooters concerned and I live in hugely different directions...

I WILL, however, try and find out and post here.


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i rang the shop i bought the gun in mulvahills in ballymahon
he couldnt of been more helpful he told me to call down he unblocked the gun
gave me a set of rods just on the off chance it happens again
done a few test fires we then had coffee and i was on my way very very pleased
the dealers in dublin should take note this is what you call customer service
cheers to everybody for the advice

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Well done,

One of the guys in a gun club I was a member of a few years ago got seriously injured with a bullet stuck in the barrel

Basically hand loading , forgot the powder, the primer forced the projectile half way up the barrel and the next round caused the barrel to explode.

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Yep, David there is sound and he'll look after you well... glad your sorted.


About 12 years ago I had a Winchester 9422 lever action in 22WMR. I was using Federal ammo. I was shooting away at bunnies with it when it went pop instead of bang!! A bullet was 3/4 way up the barrel. With a plastic coated rod I was tapped it out. no harm done. I sent the ammo box backt o Federal expressing my concerns. They sent me a $10USD cheque for a new box of ammo. Guess what. I didn't spend it on Federal ammo lol

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This reminds me of a reliable story from one of the boys in blue the family knew. An armed detective returned fire on an armed bank robber and missed at what he thought was point blank range. Instead of shooting again the bad guy promptly dropped his gun and bailed head first into the getaway car. The detective thought: a. How did I miss and b. I am so lucky not to be shot.
His gun went for ballistics because it was used in a shooting (or so the story goes) and sometime after that he was shown his pistol with the round tightly wedged half way up the barrel (at the time it was Eastern Block ammo being issued)
Moral of the story: 'Do not believe that line in the government tenders ‘the lowest bidder will not necessarily be awarded the contract’.

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Found out today what happens if you fire a .17HMR when the bullet from the previous shot is still in the barrel.

No one hurt, thank God. All I can say is that I will never use Remington .17HMR again.

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Dachipster said:
Found out today what happens if you fire a .17HMR when the bullet from the previous shot is still in the barrel.
No one hurt, thank God. All I can say is that I will never use Remington .17HMR again.

Glad to hear noone was hurt. Care to write it up for the safety thread?

Dachipster Registered User

Just checked it out, great thread. I will write something up this evening.

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If you could get your hands on a brass bar even as it wont scratch the metal and wont break up when you whack it.??Its an idea I suppose. I can imagine how tight that is going to be. Must be poor brand of ammo you are using?

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