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kfallon said:
Is that a mafia style 'chat'?

Something like that.

I'd have said I'd like to give them a "piece of my mind", but I need all of those.


Years ago I saw one of my Teachers standing in the rain at a bus stop.
I stopped to give him a lift. We had a great chat about what the pupils in my class were doing these days. He asked me what I was doing for a living? (As I had a nice car at the time). I told him straight, I sell Ecstacy tablets at raves.
He looked surprised, then smiled and said; there is nothing wrong with being a criminal, just make sure you are very good at it, and don't get caught.
We both laughed about it, and as I dropped him off he thanked me for the lift. Here, I said to him; before you go take this. I gave him an envelope with £100 in it. Next time its raining call a taxi. Thanks for the advice. Be lucky he replied. And so I was too.

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Don't really keep in touch with them. I have ran into my old Irish and history teachers a few times and have stopped for a chat but I wouldn't do that with any of the rest of my teachers from secondary school.

I'm applying for primary teacher training in the UK and did some work experience in my old primary school in January. It was a bit weird sitting down in the staff room at lunch as a 28 year old with teachers I had over 20 years ago....weird in a good way though.

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Yeah that is weird, I was also shocked to hear some teachers allow students to add them on facebook, that's wrong you're supposed to look up your teacher online, laugh at their profile picture and leave it at that.

The educator/student divide is rather strange in my college though, finishing in a few months and it is still weird to go to an event go for pints after and your tutors are there.. talking to you and you're all like yeah good one teach, see you Monday..


Don't keep in touch with any teachers but if I see any of the sound ones out and about I say hello. Myself and the friends used to regularly see the Tech Drawing teacher out and about and we bought him a pint the odd time. He deserved it for teaching me how to bisect a line with flair and skill.

The college lecturers we had used to come out for some of the class parties, they were a cool bunch indeed.

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God no, I had some deadly teachers but not a chance i'd have even considered keeping in touch with them after I left school!
A lot of them are retired now anyway. My sister works in my old school and the odd time i've been up there I'd try avoid having to bump into them.

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I still have massive respect for my English, German and Drama teachers. I would definitely have a few pints with them, even though I was wild as be damned in my school days. Any time I was called to the board of discipline (which was far too often), we would have a laugh. Good bunch.

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One of my old teachers is a facebook friend, more because I used to go out with his son in school though, and he lives near me.

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Met a teacher in the street years ago and when I said goodbye some plain clothes Garda went over and interviewed her about me. She then had a nervous breakdown.


Every time one of the old bastards dies I do a little run and jump with delight

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Most do, 3 or 4 years after retirement.


Met a few of them at a funeral a few years ago. Seemed very sad creatures. All they seemed to talk about was what former pupil had got into what job or course.


Fairly sure most of them wouldn't even know who I am.

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