is anyone going to comic con 2012?
i have never been and was hoping to find some that have been and find out some experiences....best place to stay etc...
I was planning on going but it seems it is going to be rather difficult to get tickets to it.
I was planning on a large holiday in the us starting off at comic con then driving across the us to miami. but this is of course dependent on getting tickets..

padimus2 Registered User

Hey, I´ve been twice, in 06 and 07. Tickets are already on sale for it AFAIK so check out their website.

Hotels in the area are crazy busy during the con and can be expensive, like 150 dollars a night, but i´d strongly recommend the Holiday Inn on the bay which is about a 15 - 20 minute walk from the convention centre. its opposite that air craft carrier that they've turned into an aviation musum (worth a visit imo). There's a free shuttle bus that runs to it and a lot of the other hotles as well. Rooms are great as are the facilities and the bar serves good food.

If you can't get that hotel then try the Bristol Hotel in the gas lamp district of San Diego, lots of good bars and restaurants etc. Try be as close to the con as possible as getting there in the mornings is a bit of a pain with the traffic and the public transport in SD isn't the best.


i got tickets for the sunday, so am going to spend the saturday in la and go to the beach then sat night head on down to san diego. we will be leaving san diego that evening as we are driving back to la that night,

We are not going to take part in any of the discussions and groups as we just want to go there for the experience and don't really want to spend the time in waiting lines...
is there much to do on sundays at CC?

padimus2 Registered User

Sunday can be as busy as the other days TBH. Don't expect many big names to be there as the movie and TV panels usually happen on Friday and Saturday so the big reveals are usually done by that stage but early on Sunday is good for smaller comic based panels for particular creators which i'd recommend you go to as the queues aren't bad and you can usually get a chance to actually talk to the writers and artists.

It used to be that Sunday was pretty quiet (my brother has gone every year for the last 11 or 12 and that's what he's told me) but by 06 the sunday was as busy as any other day and its been the same since. There are usually some good deals to be had if you're interested in buying stuff as well (half price trade paperback are a godsend!)

Oh, and try to stop by Giardellis Ice cream parlour if you get any chance. Its about a ten minute walk from the con in the gaslamp district and their stuff is amazing! I once went there to have a banana split (worth getting IMO) and Joss Whedon was at the next table!

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