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alandublin33 said:
Have been noticing more and more fella's goin around with a bit of scruff , personally I shave most days , so ladies which do you prefer shaven or not?

Scruff all the way so long as it suits him.

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saa Registered User

Scruffy vag fer sure, no need to buy brillo pads anymore.

candy-gal1 Registered User

imho, clean shaven never really gets my attention, at least a bit of stubble is very hot tbh. extra points for a full on but not too long beard
i want rugged, not little boy

ihsb Closed Account

Scruff Scruff Scruff!

Dudess Closed Account

Stubble, bit of a beard, goatee - win.

alandublin33 Closed Account

seems the ladies are mad for a bit of stubble , lads put down your razors now!

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Shaven pubes. Stubble on the dial.

ihsb Closed Account

Aoifey! said:
I can't stand stubble, but I like scruffy. Long enough that it won't give me stubble rash.

Noooo you have to love a bit of stubble rash!

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Bad Panda Closed Account

I personally find shaving a bit of a chore. So I just let some stubble grow and when it's no longer stuble and becoming 'beard-like', I shave. Simple.

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AudreyHepburn Registered User

It depends on the guy really. Some-one men can carry off a bit scruff, others can't.

I must admit though I am rather partial to the rugged look myself.....think Sawyer in Lost, yum!

Bullchomper Registered User

Scruffies! F*&k you Neats!

Jake1 Registered User

Clean shaven. I like to see his meat.

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